Craftable Synthetics (no steels)

MOD Desc
The original mod is there[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]
The modification was made on this conversation [http//%26quot%3Bhttp] by тетеря, блин. Attention was on the ‘lore way’ and the price balance.
The modification was originally allowed by the author. Will remove it if asked. I just updated it to A17 (was broken) and clear a little bit the research tab (less messy with vanilla research).
The A17 version is saved on my PC. Just ask for it.

This is a mod that adds craftable:

75 Synthread: 50 cloth, 25 wool, 25 chemfuel. min craft skill : 8
75 Hyperweave: 75 synthread and 38 devilstrand. min craft skill : 12

1. Does /not/ require any type of steels to make cloth, that makes it more realistic.
2. SynthreadTechCrafting requires one more technology to be discovered � Cotton Processing – to make it reasonable and better to use with [T] ExpandedCloth[http//%26quot%3Bhttp] (recommended for more immersion, but not necessary).

1- remove any bill linked to this mod (producting synth or hyperweave) and then save
2- open your save file (\USERNAMEAppDataLocalLowLudeonStudiosRimWorld by Ludeon StudiosSaves)
use any program which can open a .txt file. Like notepad or Wordpad
3- search this two lines
(not always one after the other. it’s depend of the order in when you searched this tech)
4- verify that before all this <li>XX</li> line, you have something like that :
5- you can safty remove the two lines you search at the step3
6- save
7- remove the mod in the mod tab in rimworld.
8- Enjoy :p

warning : the savename.rws is a really big file, with THOUSANDS of lines. So it can take time to save it or to found something in it. scrolling is also a bit hard. Just be patient.

B 19 link :

I was gifted RimWorld by a friend and it very very quickly became my favorite PC game around without contest. The sheer amount of depth is unmatched by any other and the small scale makes each individual colonist’s story unique and easy to become attached to. Be creative with every aspect, from architecture to combat to farming you can do it in a way only your style can make happen. You aren’t forced to play in any particular way at all, and that’s my favorite part. I can be as good or evil as I want, and it makes the story of my colony really feel like my own. And after you feel like you’ve exhausted all the content as much as it can go there is a healthy modding community to keep it alive at a much longer lifespan. Amazing game, and I’ll continue playing it for a lot more time to come.

Absolutely wonderfully polished, extremely entertaining, and exceptionally intricate game. Love playing all the time, have multiple worlds going at once. new update has been amazing, mod community is wonderful, and you can cater the game to however youd like to play. Wanna starve to death on a tundra? Die from heat stroke in a desert? Get into a gunfight with large mechanical beings hellbent on wiping out humanity? Well you can! I get super attached to characters and their personalities, and miss them dearly when i lose them. Then i get revenge on the faction that caused it!
Awesome fun all the time, and if you have a wild imagination and intense love of micromanaging things to a tee, youll love this game. I know i do. 370 hours later and i still come back to this gem all the time.

RimWorld is, as many have said, one of the ultimate sandbox games available in 2020. I had this since its Early Access days and have watched it develop into the versatile beast that it is today. I truly appreciate the fine detail on altering the game to your own play style. As I enjoy my relaxing city-builders, Phoebe Chillax is my friend; meaning I get plenty of base-building potential, but I can still play at harder difficulties. At 100% generation, the world is… massive. Massive is even an understatement when you consider that every tiny tile is a map of its own. As it’s a survival game, it can be brutal and even stressful, if you’re playing on one-save mode, but it’s a game where the deaths that happen never feel cheap or unfair. They’re woven into the fabric of your own narrative.

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