EVA Core

MOD Desc
Adds XCOM-inspired hostile spacer faction. LOAD AFTER GUNPLAY AND JECSTOOLS REQUIRED
The mod actually DOES NOT need Royalty DLC, I cannot delete it from requirements because of undefined Steam error
To add the mod to an existing game use Orions Faction Discovery mod.
No Gunplay version here
Credits: Jecrell and Automatic
Feedback is appreciated, especially on balance part
Please rate my mod if you like it 🙂
– added bio laboratory where special implants can be crafted
– ingredients include glands obtained from biozombie corpses
– added descriptions to all the things
– flamethrower fuel spawn chance 75 to 30
– flamethrower damage 5 to 1
– flamethrower range 15 to 12
– magnetic cannon explosion radius 5 to 3
– magnetic cannon projectile speed 40 to 35
– magnetic cannon damage 15 to 10
– apparel in stockpile resized 1 to 1.25
– biozombie berserk HP 0.9 to 0.75
– fixed bug with implants
– EVA commander min generation age 60

I hate survival games. I have several and I’ve tried them out with varying levels of success, but they’ve never managed to hold my interest. So what is it about RimWorld that has its claws in me? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you have amazing variation and depth in what you can do, but the interface is easy to understand and super easy to navigate. Or because you can be as good or evil as you want in the game and your actions actually do matter. Kill a group that came to check you out? Prepare to be raided by that faction. Kill off an unwanted colonist? The rest are might upset and may or may not decide this is the last straw and – oh, I don’t know – start a murderous killing spree or just wander aimlessly until they collapse from hunger and exhaustion.

The label says this is an early access game, but don’t believe it. I’ve had 0 crashes, no reportable bugs, and the modding community is already blossoming and active. In short, this is an amazing game and well worth the cost.

This game knocked me off my feet! I read a lot abot DwarfFortress prior to this game. DF looks great but it looks very time consuming to get a hang of. Enter RimWorld! I found its user interface managable and basic concepts pretty straight forward. I would recommend watchig one of many 10 minute lets play guides to get a feel for the basics.

RimWorld easily ranks in the top of Indie greats for me. Even though it is still being deloped and bound to get even better, even now in its current form it is a complete game. I see many more hours of enjoyment with RW and it will surely stay as one of my favorites for years to come.

Thrirty dollars is a little expensive for what I am used to paying for indie games but there was not a moment I regretted spending the money and strongly considering getting additional coppies for friends as gifts. The developer is very in touch with the community and receptive to feedback. Worth supporting.

TLDR: get it you won’t regret it.

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