[FSF] Growable Grass

MOD Desc
This is a simple mod that enables you to plant grass and tall grass in growing zones. It allows you to reseed areas that have become barren or setup pastures for animals.

This mod is not required if you use Vegetable Garden since it already makes grass growable.

Recommended Mods
Grazing Lands
A bunch of useful changes to grass that makes it more viable for grazing.

  • Thanks for the tip, I tried the mod and it’s still dying, sadly.Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it! Theres a grass type called ‘Dense Grass’ for ‘those who want a lawn’ Not sure if that was added by this mod, or another mod (Possibly the Zen Garden mod), and thats a really nice grass, i’ll try that. Not sure how lifespans work but i hope i can just set it to -1 and have it stay indefinatly. How did you get your mod id? I want to learn how to find other mods for similar reasons if possibleThanks for the help! 🙂
  • Thank you SnowFox SO MUCH for this mod! This is EXACTLY what i wanted! But can you please PLEASE add mod options to be able to enable or disable the lifespans of the planted grass? I don’t even have that large of a base, and my planter is spending ALL her time sowing grass, and its dieing before she can finish, i just want the grass to be something i can set and forget, which i don’t believe to be asking for that much, seeing as how it’s purely decorative (at least for my purposes), can you please PLEASE make that happen?
  • I’m not a coder so I can’t do mod options. By default grass should last 20 days before it dies from age. If you don’t use the mod Grazing Lands whenever an animal eats grass they destroy that patch of grass completely so it’ll need replanting. I’d considered increasing the lifespan but since I’m modifying the vanilla grass itself I’m not sure if that would cause issues. Grass not dying means an decrease in performance (due to more plants) and I’m not sure if it would actually prevent other plants from growing in.If you really want to increase the lifespan open up the mods xml file in notepad under the following location.Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941008173500641.1PatchesThen add this line directly below . It should increase the lifespan of grass to about 2 years.50
  • Hardwood All my mod does is patch in a tag on the vanilla grass to make it usable in growing zones. You should just be able to modify the nutrition and growdays in the core game files. Providing the changes don’t revert in the file I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work. I do it for adjusting the colonist numbers on storytellers. Just make sure you get the right grass there’s grass and there’s tall grass.If it’s not working you might have a mod that’s overwriting the grass defs. Not everyone is using the new patching method. If a mod is overwriting the grass def I’d suggest simply changing the numbers in that mods def, although you will have to redo them if the mod is updated. You could also just make your own mod with the changes you want and load that last so it overwrites any other mods changes.

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