Floor Lights

MOD Desc
A17 version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122798899

Lights (lamps) that are integrated into the ground. These lamps used to have their power cable hidden underground, but various rim-rodents kept eating them so the cable placement had to be revisited. It is possible to build on top of the floor lights.

Research required: Electricity and Colored Lights (for the colored ones).

– Square | Power consumption: 24 | Radius: 12
– Plus | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
– Corner | Power consumption: 18 | Radius: 9
– Stripe | Power consumption: 12 | Radius: 6
– Small Corner | Power consumption: 7 | Radius: 5
– Small stripe | Power consumption: 4 | Radius: 3

– Floor lamp tile | Power consumption: 2 | Radius: 1

– White (normal)
– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Yellow
– Purple

Special thanks to Dingo (A15) and stryth (A14) for keeping this up to date when I couldn’t. 🙂

Ludeon forum thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=9103

I doubt that’s anything I can fix. I have no problems rebuilding the lamps and I get no log messages so it could be that some other mod is not happy.If simply deconstructing and rebuilding the lamp doesn’t work then I’d suggest using the earlier version: LINK REMOVEDhttp://www.mediafire.com/file/b0chldzcjcsn5g4/FloorLights.v2.4.zipYou could for example remove all the lamps while using v2.4 and then save and switch to newest version and then rebuild the lamps in god mode. Or just use the earlier version till next start.Really wish RW had an option to not automagically update mods from workshop unless the user wants to.

The ‘floor lamp’ says nothing about being waterproof or not, I went into debug mode and tested it. It is waterproof, yay!More questions:1. Why are these lights more flamable(100%) than a bloody tree(80%)?2. Would a ‘light wall’ be possible? basically a wall that gives off light. also a conduit?3. Would a more powerfull ‘floor lamp tile’ be possible? (I dont like the other lamps due to the wiring, i prefer the conduits) say it costs 6/t and has a 3×3?4. For balance any thoughts on adding a new material like glass, plastic or something?

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