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So, the brainiac in your colony spent a whole week locked up in his lab and discovered solar power. Great! Now, how exactly do the builder figures out how to actually build the damn solar panels? Or else: your hunter has been using only bow and arrow for his whole life, so how the heck is he going to operate the space-age pulse charger you just gave him? How can someone grow peaches if he’s never seen a peach tree before? Craft a full armor set without knowing how to smith?

What if your pawns had to actually learn their stuff before putting a new technology to use?

This experimental mod with far-reaching consequences completely changes the way research plays out in the game. No longer some abstract concept, technologies become actual knowledge your pawns need to learn from methodical research, by studying the proper books (yes, you get to build a library!) or, when it comes to weapons skills, to be acquired by arduous training (yes, you get to build a dojo!). Proper knowledge of what they’re doing will be mandatory for them to build and repair structures, follow recipes, grow crops and equip weapons. This will make you care a lot more for your colonists and give you a whole new perspective on recruiting. It will also raise new obstacles to developing your colony, making the game harder while adding gameplay depth. We hope you’re up for the challenge!

IMPORTANT: Read the warnings below before subscribing

Knowledge is power. Every pawn gets a new inspector tab: Tech. It displays everything he or she knows: technological expertise on one side and weapons proficiency on the other. Both lists are derived from the current game database, so all modded research projects and weapons are automatically included. Newly generated pawns, including NPCs, are assigned a number of techs based on their age, background and faction tech level. This list limits what a pawn can build, repair, grow or craft. To acquire new knowledge, he or she will need to study on the new study desk.

The weapon proficiency works similarly, limiting what weapons the pawn can equip. Any weapon that’s linked to a research project will require the pawn to learn how to use it before equipping. Some simple weapons are exempted, and specially good shooters and brawlers start with better weapon knowledge, as do pawns who know how to craft their own. But all pawns will have to spend some time training at the training dummy or at the target stand if they want to wield the latest weapons and stay on top of their game.

Books are mandatory. Yes, books! This is how humanity stores and shares knowledge and this is how you’re going to store and share your technology now. There’s a book for every research project on the game (even modded ones), and you can only unlock a technology when you add that book to your library. Of course, this is RimWorld, so finding useful books is not so easy. You can eventually buy them from the new specialized traders, but that’s expensive and they rarely visit. You can maybe get them as a quest reward too. But mostly you’ll have to write them yourself, by assigning a colonist to a document technology task on the study desk. He will only be able to write about what he knows, of course! This means in order to expand your horizons you’ll need to either recruit more talents or do some research!

Researching is hard. Researching with Human Resources is a little different from the base game. Selecting a technology on the research tab will accomplish nothing. Instead, the research benches now function like the other work stations: you set up a bill with the subject to be researched and you can restrict skill levels or even assign individual pawns for the task. Your pawns will come to work if they’re assigned to researching, as usual. However, their work no longer outputs to the research project on the main research tab, but to their own individual expertise instead. And it takes a little longer. If the tech you’re researching has any per-requisites, your pawns will only be able to proceed if they already mastered those. On the other hand, if what they are researching is itself a per-requisite to something they already know, their research speed is doubled.

Full details and guide on how to use this mod here.[github.com]

  • Not suited to be added mid-game.
    Please, start a new one. Also, we recommend a tribal start, as this mod’s restrictions might make the crashlanded scenario actually harder!
  • This mod relies on ResearchTree (or its branch, ResearchPal).
    If you don’t use one of them yet, what are you doing with your life? They’re pretty much mandatory mods. Please, choose one and install it. We could have incorporated Fluffy’s code into ours, but we’d rather maintain a lean mod and give you an incentive to get to know and support his work.
  • This mod was designed to kick your ♥♥♥! It’s supposed to turn RimWorld into something like this. If you can’t handle it, maybe it’s not for you.
  • This is a public test phase for an unfinished mod.
    Expect many issues and incompatibilities. We’re counting on your collaboration to identify them and suggest improvements. The final product might be very different, and changes made during this process might break your game. If you’re planning on starting a long-term playthrough (and we encourage you to do so, so we can test long-term effects), be prepared to make a local copy to avoid game-breaking updates.
  • [ko-fi.com]

    Compatibility We simply cannot test it with every mod out there. All we can do is design for maximum compatibility and hope for the best. If you’re unsure, please give it a shot. If you stumble on any problem, let us know and we’ll do what we can to fix it.
    Check the full compatibility notes for various mods.[github.com]
    Acknowledgements Borrowed code from Fluffy’s Research Tree, Jecrell’s RimWriter & notfood’s ThingDef injection for Psychology. Training Dummy and Target Stand originally designed by Shinzy for Practise Target. Some textures based on designs by Freepik[www.freepik.com].
    Code contributions by MinerSebas.
    Translations by leafzxg (Chinese) and Miyuri (Chinese and Japanese).
    Made possible thanks to the help of Brrains and erdelf on the Harmony Discord channel.
    Many thanks to all these awesome people!

    GitHub Open for collaborations on: github.com/jptrrs/HumanResources

    Help translate this mod into your language! Just drop me a line.

    Check my other mods!

    • ericchen: Don’t worry, third party insight is exactly what I asked for, right? :-)Thank you for sharing your thoughts. A couple of remarks:[quote]’Would be better if say, study has a much lower cost than research, so you’ll still want a researcher to research the project, create a book, so dumber people can acquire it faster.'[/quote]That is just how it already works. The intellectual skill affects both study and document task speeds.[quote]’Do you really need to know how to craft a gun to be able to use a gun?'[/quote]Just to clarify, your pawn doesn’t need to know how to craft a weapon in order to train with it. Is either that OR you need to have the book in store. And yes, that is absolutely necessary, otherwise there’s no way to gauge your colony’s tech level regarding weapon access. And having tribals being able to use advanced plasma weaponry or space people who know how to use bows effectively would defeat this mod’s purpose, as that is plain vanilla behaviour….
    • > Now, with HR the children can study techs, and to me that makes much more sense thematically.I agree.> And they can do it by themselves, without teachers.That’s where I think we can do better, for a better game too IMHO. DIY experts exist, but they are rare and in between. Learning a knowledge is easier to most with a competent teacher, even to adults.Again I’d like to stress on the roles in a colony, because losing one such ‘wise man’ or even their pupil, precious replacement to someone else, should never be a negligible event, like waiting for the next prisoner in line with some decent traits to convert them to our cause.The true wealth of a colony shouldn’t be the raid inevitably-to-come, dropping who knows how many valuables into our killbox, but the pawns and even more so the skill of the player to keep them alive, properly distributed to their respective roles, as well-oiled cogwheels of a whole.Have one missing, and it should be game over.
    • First thing first, the mod isn’t ‘setup’ in a certain way : it simply says ‘if you have no knowledge of the prerequisite techs, you can’t possibly study the tech you are looking for’. Which makes total sense. The way the tech tree is setup, however, doesn’t depend on the mod and may indeed be slightly eyebrow raising at times (e.g. Apothecary mod, which basic tech has Passive Cooler as its prerequisite, meaning that my apothecary had to learn the passive cooler tech before learning how to do basic herbalism. That makes no sense to me, but it certainly isn’t this mod’s fault).But at the end of the day, crafting any piece of advanced tech requires knowledge. A lot of it. It would make zero sense that a pawn without even basic knowledge of how electricity works, without basic smithing skills, without knowing how to handle a machining table, would learn how to craft an assault rifle. That makes no sense on an individual level either.
    • Heyo! Just wanted to say that this mod has really grabbed my attention for a lot if reasons!! While I do miss having Tech Advancing, I understand why it’s not compatible. I love the difficulty and realism this mod gives. I only have one small suggestion slash request for the mod though. It irks me to see the Research/Study table do not have a Neolithic version. As far as I know. So you end up having tribal people that know how to craft desk lamps, apparently. Which don’t provide light either, for that matter. But sorry, that’s really my only gripe. I love the mod so far and especially how the Libary unlocks the research when documented!Also, I was going to ask the same thing, but < beat me to it! I'm wondering why there's that strange 'cannot wear apparel' limit on the, at least, default apparel; though I haven't done tests on like Marine/Modded Armor, if the pawns need to have knowlage on how to equip that, for example. That's all. And hope to see more of this mod!!

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