MOD Desc
A large deformed beast with rows of quills on its back.
The rim is a violent place and the dead are a common sight. But over the years, disturbing reports of ravaged corpses started to increase in surprising numbers, all gut-wrenching and skewered with spikes. Each dawn shedding light to the aftermath of the night before. The locals soon learned to fear the dark, and the nightmares within them.


This mod add a new animal to the game.

Description – spawns naturally in Boreal Forests, Temperate Forests and Arid Biomes rarely in groups of 1-3.
– thrives in temperatures from [-65°C][+50°C]
– has a toxic bite similar to the cobra
– Carnivore and hunter
– has a juvenile stage
– lifespan of 15 years
– lays eggs. 1-2 every 10.5 days which hatch in about 15 days.
– trainable
– you can get it from traders

A Dog Said… Compatibility Patch

Credits The animal have been drawn by A Friends (who kindly give me permission for using it), and is originally part of a bigger animal-mod project, Alpha Animals[], which is currently unfinished.

Link to the original A13 mod[], released by Turell.

> Getting raided by some tribal savages
> Murderize the out of them
> One unconsious tribal savage survivor, Non existiant combat skills and incapable of most other jobs
> Throw him in the prison
> Torture him with ancient phycic artifacts we stole from one of his factions caravans
> Brain sets on fire a couple of times, left essensally braindead
> Forcibly remove his arms and replace them with ancient robot arm blades

> He gets recuited into the colony
> Everyone hates him due to him being disfigured and braindamaged
> Almost no mobility, manipulation and consiousness due to forcibly installed knife arms and brain damage
> First thing he does with his freedom is he takes a joint from the kitchen and takes it to someone elses room
> Smokes it and immidiately dies, due to the smokeleaf lowering his already nonexitant brain function to that of a potato
> Avarage mood of the colony goes up as most of the colonists rival just died, They have a party
> Colony wolves gorge themselves on his corpse

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