[A17] Horrors

MOD Desc
Adds a swarm of Unknown Horrors to the Rimworlds, they have hives of their own that will need to be assaulted and eradicated to ensure your safety. They infest and attack your colony, carving out a large hive and building it up over several tiers. With an overarching AI controlling the behaviour of the hive as they too try and survive. Making use of their every wit.

This mod aims to offer an alternative to the simple dynamics of the vanilla infestation, by adding a smart enemy to compete against that has the same objective as you, but with different dynamics to survive. Watch as the hive expands, hardens itself, defends itself and slowly spreads to assault your colony.

Expect a challenge when facing the (somewhat rare) events. With regular raids offering little more danger than you already come to expect, but the infestation can be a death sentence if your colony is not well prepared.

From an artistic direction, the Horrors are a combination of several horror tropes, and as such can be considered a mashup of the Zerg, Alien, Pitchblack and generally spiders. Specifically colony spiders.

They come in many fearsome forms and are a danger to even the most prepared of colonies.


  • A new hostile faction, namely the Horrors.
  • Prowling Monsters to defend against.
  • Attackable Hive sites.
  • Infestations to try and survive.
  • Multiple different structures used by the Horrors to infest your base.
  • Dynamic hive behaviour with an overarching AI.
  • 4 different types of monster to defend against.
  • More immersive sense of infestation, happening before your eyes as Horrors dig out and web their hive.

Known Issues and Limitations:

  • Seemingly harmless nullpointer exception on first encounter with Horrors.
  • Human Horrors (This is because a faction MUST have a human leader, I am working to bypass this)
  • Thieving Horrors, sometimes Horrors will steal things for monetary value, this is hardcoded into the thinktree based on pawn intelligence, and will be supersceded by my own thinktree (which I am working on)
  • Faction bases for Horrors at this time are very rudimentary, I haven’t had time to switch it over to the A17 goodies for the faction base yet. But I will!

Please Note: I am working on solving the above-mentioned nullpointer exception. But as far as I can tell it does not seem to interfere with the operation of the mod.

Future Plans:

  • Expand Hives.
  • Increase number of unique Horrors.
  • Increase variety for raids and add different raid types.
  • Expand AI for the hive.
  • Add aditional hive defense + attack behaviours.
  • Hive passification through technological means (Xenomorph research anyone?)
  • Horror Biome.
  • Horror Diseases.
  • More beneficial resources that can be gained from hives.


  • How do I remove webs?

    – You can use the Clear Plants tool to clear webs. Or you can burn them out.

  • How do I remove Horror corpses?

    – You can butcher or burn the bodies.

  • Does destroying Horror hives lower the chance for attacks by them?

    – Not at the moment no, although destroying all of them will remove the faction and all attacks by them (if that is vanilla behaviour when you eradicate a faction.) This is definitely going to change, as in the future, each hive on the map will increase the size and danger of Horror attacks and Infestation events.

  • Do you have to make a new game or is it compatible with old saves?

    – This mod does require a new game to be created. It also adds items to equipment tables and will likely cause issues if added/removed mid-save.

  • Are these things tougher than vanilla infestations?

    – Creature-for-creature they are comparable in health and DPS to vanilla insectoids. However the hive has greater survival capability and it also has a higher final difficulty level than vanilla infestations, since there are higher tier creatures available.

Furthermore I’d like to say that it is important to get feedback from as many of you as possible, I am only one man and it is hard to find the time to thoroughly test something like this. So I did it in expeditious terms and may have missed some issues that did not meet the eye.

Thank everyone for downloading my mod and for giving me a chance to entertain you!

Eisvisage: – Raids consisting of only Viscerals are intended, they will be expanded to add more (hunting) types. The defender types and such are currently only in local hives (on your map from an event)- The Humans are at this time a stopgap to allow horrors to function as an interactive faction. Since factions NEED humanoid leaders for some reason this is a limitation I am hard at work to bypass and get rid of the humans completely (for now). So Please bare with me on that one.- Horrorwebs can be removed with the ‘Cut Plants’ command.- The raid horrors are not supposed to steal things. Were these humans or were they animal horrors? Because this behaviour is locked into the intelligence level of the pawn in question. So if they are ‘human’ horrors they will likely do this (and set fire) but viscerals alone are not supposed to do that. Again I will add more information to the descriptions as well.

You will need to create a new game yes, it generates a faction and that only occurs on new games.They are somewhat heavier than regular infestations. However they are slightly more rare. I am planning on tackling all of these queries people make head-on and increasing the user experience for the mod by making these things more transparent.Also I have several additions that still need to be made. That will make the difficulty curve a more manageable one (but also one that can progress to a greater extent than vanilla infestations).but to compare, I generally tried to match the strength of vanilla insectoids and then adding on top of that an increased difficulty in added survivability (of the hive) and procreation (in terms of hive structures).All of this is set to expand soon though. I am actually working on it at this moment.

That is a great idea Vindictor55. I will take a look into it, haven’t given the defs much love in the last week on account of all the assembly stuff. So it might be a nice thing to add.I am totally open to suggestions, short term easy stuff and long term hard stuff. The whole reason I didn’t go for creating something that already exists is that I wanna be able to add anything that is fun.Like I plan on adding a whole infested ecosystem at some point. But I need some help with art assets for that and my artiste is a little swamped at the mo’For the immediate future I want to add a third hive tier (above Dens). And then at some point I will need to fix the worldhives. Since those were made for A16 and not A17 so many of the features I had were killed to update it to the new version. And I haven’t had a proper look at the new stuff in terms of world sites. So I want to expand that a little. Maybe add rescues and stuff.

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