[CP] Metal Gear Solid – Incident Sounds

MOD Desc
Replaces incident sounds with Metal Gear sound effects.

MSF Faction mod with Big Boss and Miller outfits:

Metal Gear Solid – CQC Takedown mod:

Sounds replaced:
Urgent Letter Good – MGS V codec sound effect
Urgent Letter Bad – MGS alert sound effect
Urgent Letter Bad Big – MGS Ground Zeroes ‘BWOOM’ soundtrack
Death – MGS Continue screen gunshot

Known incompatabilities:
Any other mod that replaces incident sound effects may cause issues with this one

Credits to:
AtomicRavioli – Death sound effect patch coding
b o n e s – Metal Gear Alert, of which this mod was highly inspired by, except this time with some MGS V touches to it. (Wink wink, copyright strike pls b0s)
Hideo Kojima – Metal Gear Solid

Note: No sound effect from Metal Gear Alert was copied into this mod, this mod and Metal Gear Alert can feel distinguishable hence you can switch between the two to fit your preferences.

This game is perfect if you want to create your own story.

I made this beautiful colony with four people in it. Everybody was doing their job, every now and then someone had a mental break down and ran around naked for a while – nothing major. But suddenly I lost control: In order to cool meat (and other food) I placed a fridge thingy in the wall, powered by my battery which is connected to the huge solar panel in the middle of the colony. It worked fine for days until suddenly the battery decided to blow up. Usually not a huge issue but the blast killed the dude sleeping next to it (he often had mental break downs so I placed his bed in the small room next to the battery).

Now, because I like to live cheap I build most of my stuff with wood. Explosion + wood is not so good, as you probably know. So suddenly half my colony was burning to the ground while my other three colonists were sleeping peacefully in the only steel building I ever build.

When they woke up in the morning the fire was gone – but so was my battery, solar panel, all of my supplies, workbenches and even my crops. ‘Thank god I still have some potatos.’ I thought. So I started some repairs and decided to bury that one guy who was sleeping next to the battery.

The next day I get a message ‘Heatwave incoming.’. Now, because I had no steel left from the repairs I could not build the fridge thingy again and as a result my colonists had to work at ~55°C. Didn’t take long until my best dude fainted. Then the other one. Followed by the elderly lady (who is the only one in that shi t hole who knows how to plant potatoes). One after another died – my precious work of was destroyed in a matter of minutes. If that battery didn’t blow up I could have saved everyone from the heat by putting them in my cooled storage room. But god wasn’t on my side this time.


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