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1.4.0 (04/09/2020): Added various new textures:
Snowmen, Flatscreen TV, Unfinished apparel, Unfinished Scultpure, Unfinished Armor, Unfinished Weapon, Unfinished instrument, Unfinished Health item, Boomrat, Boomalope, Capybara, Chokevine.
1.3.0 (11/07/2020): Added various new textures:
Fixed NeedleGun texture to appear ingame
Changed Steel to a more vanilla-like steel. Old steel is still in the files and you can manually change it by removing Old- prefix.
Fixed door and autodoor single pixel gap.
Fixed outline on: Pemmican, megascarab, megaspider.
New textures: Ambrosia, Billards table, Chicken, Deer (baby, female and male), Healroot, Hive, Joint, Poker table, Passive cooler, Power armor, Raccoon, Bamboo tree, Birch tree, Cecropia tree, Cocoa tree, Cypress tree, Drago tree, Maple tree, Oak tree, Palm tree, Poplar tree, Teak tree, Solar collector
1.2.0 (08/06/2020): Added several new retextures: AgaveFruit, Alocasia, Alpaca, Bear, Berries, Cow, Bull, ♥♥♥♥♥hilla, Corn, CornPlant, Haygrass, Hop, IbexRam, IbexDoe, Potatoes, PotatoPlant, PsychoidLeaves, Rat, RawFungus, Rice, SmokeleafLeaves, Thrumbo, TurkeyHen, TurkeyTom, Warg, Iguana.
1.1.0 (08/03/2020): Added an option in Mod Settings to allow you to change the menu buttons into just icons, icons and text, and just text. Fixed the animal variety patch for wolves.
1.0.0 (07/03/2020): Release. Includes 452 retextured objects.

Vanilla Textures Expanded is a full-scale overhaul of vanilla (unmodded) RimWorld textures, with its main aim being not only to fix less aesthetically pleasing textures, but also to bring vanilla aesthetic in-line with that of Vanilla Expanded mod series.

This texture pack includes over 450 textures remade in vector-based software (same method used for Vanilla Expanded mods), exported into 2x the size of vanilla textures. What used to be blurred before, now will be sharp and crisp, even if zoomed in fully using mods by the likes of Camera+.

When redrawing vanilla textures, our main focus was on keeping them consistent with what players are used to – don’t expect any drastic design changes – we have only changed the look of things that were really bad or ambiguous.

We plan to keep adding new textures in the future, so make sure to let us know what particular textures in vanilla game require changes!

Since this mod is a simple texture replacement, it will be compatible with everything. In case you’re running other texture replacement mods, make sure to place them BEFORE this one in the mod load order in order to have them prioritised.

Please report any bugs in the comment section below.

Q: Is this mod CE compatible?
A: Yes, it’s a simple texture pack.

Q: Is there a performance impact?
A: No. The biggest processing power the game utilises is to calculate bills, pawn movement etc. Inserting images into the game doesn’t account for any FPS drops.

Q: Is this mod compatible with 1.0 and 1.1?
A: Yes, this mod will work with both game version and expansion if you have it. It will also work without it.

Q: Can I change the menu buttons to what they used to be?
A: Absolutely, the mod options menu allows you to change the look of the menu bar.

Q: I don’t like a particular retexture that you did. How can I turn it off?
A: Because textures are loaded on game restart, we were unable to create a mod options menu button that would work. If you don’t like a particular texture, you have to navigate to your workshop folder where the game downloads all the mods, and then simply locate the texture and <delete> it. This will stop it from overwriting vanilla textures.

Q: Can I request a retexture?
A: Yes, comment down below!

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it and remove it whenever you like.

Q: is there a way with the menu bar icons to have them show both the icons and the text?
The system automatically detects how many tabs you have. By default, if you have 14 or less, it will have both icons and text. If it’s over 14, there is no space for both icon and the text, hence only icon will show up.

Graphics created by: Oskar Potocki[], Helixien, Erin, ISOREX.

Menu bar code created by XeoNovaDan.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[]


  • Seeing as you said that you noticed you used our version and not the vanilla version when you made the preview images, the right course of action would have been to wait with releasing your mod until you had permission or recolor the vanilla textures, which takes 10 seconds. Instead you released your mod, according to the saying ‘It’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than permissions’. While I do not believe you had any intent of stealing and just didn’t believe it would be a big deal, for many people licensing and following said licensing is. One example is Oskar, another is me.Oskar did not react hostile, but simply stated his opinion and what you have to, yes, HAVE TO, do if you want to use the texture. He also did give you permissions, which if he was “a real jerk” he wouldn’t have done, now would be?
  • Sorry, you didn’t call me a ‘thief’ you said that i’m stealing art and passing it off as my original mod work which 100% isn’t calling me a thief, what language do i even speak, eh?And you’re conflating my assumption that you would have been receptive and friendly with me arguing that licensing doesn’t exist. I didn’t ‘argue’ at all just gave a reason behind an expectation. I also said it struck me as petty and extremely unexpected that a person would take issue with such a small thing under the circumstances, while patting themselves on the back about the high bar their setting and calling others hacks.I WOULD NOW argue that my changes were substantial enough I didn’t have to say anything and any complaints you wouldhave had would have been unactionable. I took the mod down b/c i don’t want link your work on my page since you’re a mean person BUT i don’t want to give you the middle finger and keeping it up b/c that would be a jerk move. Again i was being polite.
  • I saw your mod, I brought it to Oskars attention. And even if I hadn’t seen your mod, my reply still holds up. Again, I have to say smart move on your part. Instead of accepting you are in the wrong and did something wrong, saying sorry and moving on, you have to try to find a reason why your actions are okay and the people you have wronged, are actually the bad guys.And you aren’t a jerk, you are angry, which is why I recommended cooling off to gain perspective. You are however, simply wrong. You took art, modified it and released it without permission and without following the license and now you are angry that Oskar doesn’t just let it slide. Hell, basically he actually did let it slide.Hope you can see that in a day or two. Take care!
  • Your mod’s name WAS mentioned and linked in the description at release. I’m taken aback by your hostile reaction here though. Accusing me of stealing like im itching to steal your glory is really petty. You could have looked at the mod or my other work before charging me with being a hack that needs to steal your stack texture to have anything worth releasing.1st off i used your art by ACCIDENT and then figured ‘Eh, there’s no way a person who’s trying to make his mods the new standard experience would care about people building on this new standard. Hell i doubt he’ll even care if i tell him but it’s polite so i should anyway’ Rather than taking this as me complementing your work by expanding off it rather than the base game’s or feeling like my hands are tied because so many people use your mod that i NEED to match up with your work, instead, you start calling me a thief and bringing up copyright laws.You’re a real jerk man, i’ll take the mod down a redo it.

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