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IMPORTANT: As of 10 January 2019, I am placing 21CA on hiatus while I am busy with uni. Updates may still be pushed over the next few months, but they will come with less frequency and with less new content. In the meantime, feel free to continue leaving feedback and I’ll make a note of it for future updates, thank you!

21st Century Arsenal is a mod focused upon presenting a lore-friendly, balanced approach to modern firearms on the Rim. Featuring a (ever-growing) host of 21st century firearms from around the world, ranging from assault rifles to pistols, shotguns to sniper rifles, and everything in-between, there’s something here for everyone!

All of 21CA’s weapons can be produced at the Machining Table and have materials costs that reflect the weapon’s utility and firepower. The various weapons require research along the usual line of gunsmithing techs: Gunsmithing, Blowback Operation, Gas Operation and Precision Rifling. 21CA is also compatible with existing saves!

This mod is currently work-in-progress, with a full roster of 59 different weapons currently planned. If you’re interested in checking out the full roster, please check out 21CA’s page on my website: https://axinex.github.io/21ca.html

As it currently stands, 21CA adds 18 unique weapons across 7 categories. Each weapon is a reflection of a firearm designed, developed and fielded in the 21st century by nations around the world. in-game, each weapon has a description that adds a bit of lore flavor to the gun, while still giving a nod to its real-world counterpart.

Stats for all weapons can be viewed here![docs.google.com]

As this mod is still a work in progress and actively being developed, I invite you to leave feedback in the comments section regarding weapon suggestions, balance, and overall thoughts/opinions. I understand that the weapons-mod space is pretty saturated, and any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated!

I can be reached at the RimWorld community Discord[discord.gg] at @Axi#9143

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Massive shout-out to the following folks:
@abaddon16[github.com] (Discord: @abaddon16#7120) – For showing me that modding isn’t as scary as it first seems and for never-ending rubberducking
@Shotgunfrenzy and the #rimworld-art channel at large – For making my art suck less and for always providing a level of quality to strive for (and compete against, at times).

Hey everyone! I’ve just returned from holiday and I’m going to be getting right back to work after getting everything here at home squared away. First priority going forward is a preliminary balance pass, followed by implementation of some more sweet, sweet guns. I’ve had a lot of great balance-related chatter in the pinned Feedback discussion, so if you’ve got any ideas on that front, feel free to join in!As far as suggestions go, has started a discussion for those, so please try to put suggestion-related comments in there!As always, I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and commentary related to 21CA and I’m looking forward to ringing in the new year with some more content for you guys!

For starters, this mod is 21st century weapons, not 20th century (even though 20CWM definitely includes some weapons that weren’t even in development during the 20th century). As far as overlap goes, they’re both weapon mods, and there’s a boatload of weapon mods available for RimWorld. There’s bound to be some (or a lot of) overlap.Real talk though, 20CWM hasn’t been updated since B18, and revamps the damage model for all weapons in RimWorld, while 21CA sticks to a damage model that is closer to vanilla, and fits in better with Vanilla weapons and other weapon mods without any addditional modification.If you’d like to discuss this further, feel free to message me on Discord.

The big, bad balance update is here! The guns have been modified to be more balanced in comparison to vanilla guns and those from other popular and well-balanced weapon mods, and I’ve also added three new guns that I had in-progress when I shifted focus towards balancing the existing guns. I hope you enjoy the new fit and finish, and please let me know either here or on Discord if you have any feedback for me! Thanks for all of your support and feedback, and happy new year!

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