Combat Effects for Combat Extended

MOD Desc
This mod adds sparks to bullets impacting hard surfaces and blood effects for hitting pawns.
Now also allows bullets to penetrate materials.
Only works with Combat Extended.
IMPORTANT : Load it AFTER the Combat Extended mod.

UPDATE June 10 :
– Bugfixes (Hanging projectiles, NaN projectile position, inconsistent projectile position for logic and graphics)

-Add a few more effects (like dust/smoke puffs to impacts) – DONE
– If possible add bullet ricochet and material penetration. :
– – – Penetration initial implementation done. Details below.
– Vanilla version.
– Make options available to tone the effects up or down

Penetration mechanics :
Bullets have a chance to penetrate a build object based on caliber, ammo type and the material and condition of the object it hit.
Every projectile type has a base chance to penetrate a given material.

For example : a 9×19 FMJ has 10% chance to penetrate a wooden wall if that wall has 100% hitpoints.
It has 80% chance to penetrate that wall if it’s below 50% hitpoints.
Meanwhile a 14.5×114 has 100% to penetrate that wall regardless it’s hitpoints.

A steel wall is impenetrable by small arms when kept in good condition but the aforementioned 14.5 has 60% to penetrate it.

AP type bullet (Sabot, AP-I etc) has increased penetration stats.

Additionally, there is a slight randomness of these chances. So it’s entirely possible for a .303 to penetrate a plasteel wall once in a lifetime.

– HP bullets and energy projectiles never penetrate (for now).
– Arrows never penetrate (for now)

Bullets can penetrate pawns. It’s a flat percentage. (Example 7.62×51 has 35% to penetrate the target).
So a singe .50BMG can ruin the day of several Alphabeavers in a bottleneck. But it can also ruin the day of allies behind those Alphabeavers.

Kinetic energy : WIP. Not enabled yet. But after each penetration or ricochet the bullet will loose some of it’s energy so even if the projectile penetrates your walls it may do minimal damage.

Angle of Attack : WIP. Not enabled yet. Penetration chances as well as ricochet will additionally depend on the angle of incidence.

Important : I had to patch and decorate a lot of ammo defs for this. For now only ammo used by ‘CE’ and ‘CE Guns’ are patched. The others may be incompatible.

Hey guys, just wanted to offer a little help for those of you who have lingering projectiles after the update since it doesn’t seem to retroactively fix already broken stuff (which is fine btw). If you open up the developer mode, which is under options, there’s an option to delete stuff on the map. This can be used to delete projectiles that’re lingering from before the update: you might sadly need to delete some walls and stuff that you’ve already got down, but if you use godmode, you can replace them without too much worry (just make sure to turn it off when you go back to playing).Thanks for the update though Calavera! It’s greatly appreciated! I really love this mod, it really does add a level of depth that I didn’t realise was missing from CE, you’ve done a heckin good job, keep up the excellent work! <3

Please, instead of the First person view, make it possible to control a pawn with WASD and clicks for shooting. Factorio style, or like any 360 tile-walking shooter out there, sounds fairly easier and I have gone a bit more in depth in how it could work, the hard part is the pawn’s movement, because clicks could be shooting at the tile you just clicked, without the aiming cooldown, only a reloading cooldown. You could also move the pawn while shooting/reloading like the Run & Gun mod, for gameplay reasons more than anything, I dont know, this is probably my top favorite wish, the immersion it would add to the game and new ‘solo adventure’ gameplay could be awesome, combined with real ruins and whatnot. I went into depth with this, but you seem keen to that too, I will Tarzan-scream if you do any, would be so huge

Loving the looks of this mod, even played with penetration with higher caliber weapons, though I do have one issue that sticks out.IS there any way to tone down the blood created from shooting someone? As it is now, any shot, even if a shot doesn’t do any damage (such as with shield users) will produce blood (in addition to them already bleeding), so any raid or firefight will produce many times more messes than normal for my colonists to clean up, so my base is a constant mess.Some would say this adds to the feel of things, but for me I find my guys constantly having to clean up day after day.

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