[XND] Turret Extensions 1.1

MOD Desc
RimWorld Version 1.2 The 1.2 version of Turret Extensions, Turret Extensions – Continuum, is now being maintained by Netrve, please find the workshop page here –


Netrve’s fork also has an optimised 1.1 version of this mod which doesn’t suffer from the performance issues this release suffers from, and is even compatible with 1.0

Translations Deutsch – Energistics

Overview Turret Extensions is a multi-purpose mod that does the following:

  • Fixes several vanilla bugs such as inaccurate cooldown/warmup stat readouts, pawns always facing south when manning turrets, and siegers potentially using wrong shell types
  • Makes manned turrets use the Shooting Accuracy and Aiming Time stats of the pawn using them
  • Allows you to view the damage amount and damage type of turret ammuniton (e.g. shells)
  • Adds various, well-documented turret framework extensions that allow modders to easily do what was previously impossible without C#, purely via XML

Turret Extensions’ various framework extensions allows for turret mods that fill niches that could simply never be filled before without the extra capabilities that Turret Extensions brings to the table. Here’s some of what Turret Extensions allows for as of v1.3.0:

  • Manned turrets that actually factor in their operator’s accuracy and/or aiming time stats
  • Automatic turrets that can be force-targeted by the player, just like with pawns
  • Turret force-targeting to auto-cancel when the target is downed, just like with pawns
  • Turrets with limited firing arcs, as opposed to always being 360 degrees
  • Upgradable turrets with a large variety of parameters that can be adjusted

An example of a mod that uses a significant chunk of this mod’s framework is TE Turret Expansion, which you can find in the Links section.

All of the above can now be done purely in XML; not a single line of C# is required! There is comprehensive documentation in the Links section for how to use this framework in your mods.

If you want to spice up your mod’s thumbnail a bit, you can download a ‘Powered by Turret Extensions’ overlay image from Dropbox here[www.dropbox.com] – with and without drop shadows.

If you have any suggestions or other constructive feedback, feel free to let me know!

Compatibility Mods:
Turret Extensions naturally won’t be compatible with Combat Extended. Mods that aren’t patched with Turret Extensions will mostly behave as they would in vanilla.

Should be safely addable to existing savegames. There shouldn’t be any problems removing this from existing savegames if you’re not running any mods that depend on this.

Links GitHub releases: https://github.com/RimWorld-CCL-Reborn/TurretExtensions/releases
Documentation for modders: https://github.com/RimWorld-CCL-Reborn/TurretExtensions/wiki
Source code: https://github.com/RimWorld-CCL-Reborn/TurretExtensions

TE Turret Expansion: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1496140597

Credits Big thanks to Mehni, erdelf, Lanilor, ChJees, Spdskatr, Telefonmast and FuriouslyEloquent for helping me with the C#!
Pardeike (AKA Brrainz) – for making the Harmony Patch Library – this probably wouldn’t have been possible without his work
Diana Winters – for proofreading the documentation
Marnador – for the RimWorld-style font

  • comment there was this:’hi, has anyone been able to get an droid to use a Machine Gun Emplacement from xnd’s Turret Extensions mod? i can get a worker droid to use a mounted crossbow turret ,but not a plastic machine gun emplacement and just get tick after tick (errors popping up) – i even tried a different material like steel using admin spawning but still the same error -as a result, i suddenly found that my base was not as well-defended as i thought, and by the time i found out i could not use the droids i sent out to the perimeter to shoot the machine gun turrets, i didnt have time to send colonists instead, and my base got swarmed by 14 raiders using some really powerful Callistan and Orassan weapons… one of the sniped my main Colony Founder who named the colony i started with lol, and took her head clean off…. :o)its all part of the story but i dont suppose there is a way to re-clone or fix someone who has lost their head?’
  • System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at TurretExtensions.Patch_Building_TurretGun+CanSetForcedTarget.Postfix (RimWorld.Building_TurretGun __instance, System.Boolean& __result) [0x0002c] in :0 at (wrapper dynamic-method) RimWorld.Building_TurretGun.DMD?1396132096::get_CanSetForcedTarget_Patch2>(RimWorld.Building_TurretGun) at RimWorld.Building_TurretGun+d__57.MoveNext () [0x001dd] in :0 at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].InsertRange (System.Int32 index, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] collection) [0x000db] in :0 at System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T].AddRange (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] collection) [0x00000] in :0 at (wrapper dynamic-method)
  • I’m having constant errors thrown, I believe when pawns go to upgrade turrets/mortars, or when I right-click menu the mortar with an undrafted pawn assigned to construction. If the pawn I have selected is not assigned to construction, the mortar right-click menu generates with ‘Man Plasteel Devastator Mortar’. So its either you or more vanilla turrets (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1478936958) , TE patch here (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516356320) .Here is the log: https://pastebin.com/pmRGy2fh (1 month expiration)Multiple pawns are throwing errors I believe when the work assigner is attempting to get them to upgrade either the Devastator Mortar or Vulcan turret (see Nomi, line 1267). Then, with a pawn assigned to construction selected, I attempt to right-click on the devastator mortar I am trying to upgrade, and I receive another error message and the right-click GUI does not generate (line 1280).
  • – The stat readouts aren’t dynamic in the ‘Turret’ section yet, as the roadmap section of the description alludes to. If you’re only using Turret Extensions, it doesn’t actually add the upgrades, but rather the functionality for modders to make turrets upgradable. It’s TE Turret Expansion that actually implements this functionality.To show that this actually works…Unupgraded: https://i.imgur.com/SlY08oL.png Upgraded: https://i.imgur.com/QcSZxlC.png Notice how with the upgraded one, the accuracy readout shows that it’s more accurate, and it’s also been forced to attack Smelly.This is with the following load order:* Core* Turret Extensions* TE Turret Expansion
  • I run about 30+ mods, so maybe my issue is the mod order. will see about reorganizing, so it’ll load sooner. How do I access the output log for HugLib?Mods [in order]:HugLibJecsToolsAllow ToolSimple SidearmsRunandGunBetter Pawn ControlPick up And HaulJust Ignore Me PassingFaction Control – B19More Faction InteractionsDoors ExpandedLocksLocks (DoorsExpanded)EdB Prepare CarefullyDubs Mint MenusIncident Person StatColor Coded Mood BarSS Researchable Stat UpgradesRealistic RoomsRimQuestAchtung! v2[SYR] Prosthetic Icons[FSF] Efficient UtilitiesAvoid Friendly FireDeep Ore Identifier[KV] Trading SpotTech AdvancingMiniturisation[XND] Turret Extensions[XND] TE Turret Expansion[XND] Targeting Modes[XND] Proper ShotgunsPack Mules ExtendedDubs RimkitsMisc. Weapon RepairAssorted Armaments (0.19)RT Fuse[SYR] Bullet CasingsUse BedrollsSmart MedicineFirefoam Grenades

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