Crafted Mutants(continued+expanded)

MOD Desc
Future Plans: I plan to expand on this mod.

  • Scorpion tail, fourth leg, six eyes all that and more…
  • Plus a system that impacts social abilities the more you mutate a pawn.
  • I would like to move some of the body additions to an actual mutation system where they are exposed to chemicals/drugs/etc as opposed to surgeries. The mutations would then work in stages of growth with different affects as the new part grows.
  • Potentially even a ‘mutant madness’ that can occur with increased mutations….we’ll see.
  • Tell me what you’d like to see in the comments below.
  • Looking into RBSE compatibility.

Compatible with EPOE-Forked. You will get the red box warning on the mod order screen but it is safe to ignore.
Compatible with Crystal Body Parts.

Mod list order
[SYR]Universal Fermenter (if using Crystal Body Parts)
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Extended Human Body Simulation
Diseases Overhauled (optional)
Crystal Body Parts (optional)
Crafted Mutants

Original Author: *Mythos|GER*/PhileasFogg

Original Description: Integrates extra features into RimWorld:
– Installation of new body parts (third eye, more arms, supporting organ parts, etc.)
– Harvesting and reintegrating of all available body parts and replacing with surrogates
– Harvesting of mechanoid body parts for simple prosthetics

…and some things more…

General information
This is an unofficial update of PhileasFogg’s mod which can be found on the Ludeon Forums[]

Contribution is welcomed on the GitHub repository[].

Feature overview
Installation of new bodyparts (third eye, more arms, supporting organ parts, etc.) and some experimental brain surgery
Harvested bodyparts and organs can now be installed at ‘unusual’ places (for example as a third leg). But as your pawns bodies and brains aren’t prepaired for this, their benefits are limited.

Harvesting of mechanoid bodyparts for simple prosthetics
You can now harvest more than blades from scythers. You can get light rezeptors, simple prosthetic arms, hands, legs and feet, artificial noses, brain stimulators and centipede tails. Some of these parts can be recived from both mechanoid versions, some only from scythers (like blades), others only from centipedes (like centipede tails).

PhileasFogg for the original mod!
Jabbamonkey, for his/her textures packs, which I used in some small parts as starting point for my drug textures.
Marnador, for the RimWor(l)d font.
Tynan, for this great game!

Original Link:

Mi Ko-fi page if you feel like contributing:

I’m going to tell you the story of Stone, Graham, and Ana, and the founding of the colony We Are Scary Cannibals.

Stone, Graham, and Ana awoke in a dark and humid rainforest after launching themselves out of their failing starship. Some supplies, including two guns and a knife landed with them. With enough supplies for a week or so, they began crafting a shelter. They found a nearby building made of stone that they took refuge in the first few nights. As time went on, Stone and Ana came to fall in love. Facing a few early raids from nearby savages, they took to leaving the bodies of the raiders out as warnings, and named their new settlement We are Scary Cannibals, hoping to ward off unwanted visitors.

However, eventually one visitor who was not hostile found herself on their land. She was a naked woman who seemed to be going through some sort of mental break down. After a small struggle, they managed to knock her out and bring her back to their small hut. She said her name was Squirt, and she enjoyed taking care of animals. She sucked at it. Eventually she failed so badly at taming a single boomalope that she angered an entire herd, who collectively went rabid.

The crew managed to save Squirt from her untimely demise, only to immediately be attacked by a raider. As the remaining boomalopes attacked from the South, the raiders attacked from the East, undeterred by the corpses of their friends and family. Stone fell to the onslaught of boomalopes as his fiancee Ana helped Graham fight off the raiders.

When all hope seemed lost, a stranger in black came charging into their encampment, shooting and killing multiple raiders in the blink of an eye. The group recovered and buried stone in a somber funeral. Then their wind turbine exploded after being struck by thunder and a massive wildfire started. As the crew rushed to put it out, a new band of raiders came rushing into view, shooting Graham’s leg off as he attempted to put out fires. Ana, perhaps out of a sense of obligation to a fellow crashmate, ran to rescue him and was gunned down.

The stranger in black ran with Squirt to a nearby building which was as yet unexplored, only to find it crawling with giant spider-like monsters and some cryochambers. Seeing no other option, the stranger opened the cryochambers, only to be attacked by the six surviving humans left inside. The stranger and Squirt fell, leaving a three way war between giant spider bugs, raiders, and murderous, recently unfrozen space warriors to fight for dominion over the cursed settlement.

RimWorld is gold. If you like simulations and emergent gameplay, similar but not identical to Dwarf Fortress, this game is an absolute gem. I really hope the developer keeps adding additional gameplay mechanics, but even if they don’t this is an outstanding simulation/survival/sandbox game as it exists today.

I originally played the default game mode where you have 3 colonists from the start, just to learn the game a little. I came back and started over with the solo colonist because I figured it would be an easier way to start with just one person and it was. So far it has been awesome. I spent a while using my single colonist working on a simple home and camp. Then I was notified someone was fleeing pirates and I could either help them or ignore them, I chose to help. I killed the pirates chasing her and then found out she was a cannibal. Unexpected to say the least. Later someone decied to join my colony, she was also a cannibal, we’re talking 2/3 are cannibals and I never had any say in this, it was emergent. Suddenly I’m dealing with a colony that is mostly cannibals. So now when pirates raid me or folks fall from the sky in cargo pods that I can’t get to right away, well…. lets just say they don’t go to waste, in a disturbing kind of way 😉

This game is awesome, it’s worth the money if you like this sort of thing, if you like Dwarf Fortress and just wished it had reasonable graphics and a far better interface (like use of mouse), this is your game, hands down. It’s not as detailed as Dwarf Fortress, but it’s also not shallow either.

I won’t go into all the details but suffice to say:
– Detailed control over everything you build, down to the walls and doors
– Detailed control over your colonists, when they should sleep, what activities they are responsible for, etc.
– Use based skill system, the more a colonist uses a skill the better they are at it
– Detailed control over combat, control where your colonist goes and whom they target
– Emergent game play; colonists traits and weaknesses when observed will encourage you to do things you probably wouldn’t normally do; some colonists would rather wield a ranged weapon, others would rather be awake at night rather than day

The ONLY thing I can complain about, is the lack of height, Dwarf Fortress supports multiple levels of elevation, but this game only supports one, it’s a missed opportunity, but I understand the complexities of supporting it, it’s a bit of a bummer but at the same time, it’s a hell of a lot more manageable this way as well.

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