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Oh yes, Rimworld a game where you’ll be constantly being annoyed, angry, sad and thinking about your colonists.

This game is so much fun, despite slow and boring start. But that’s almost in every game, right? Well if you find base game boring, you don’t need to worry, game contains workshop. Full of thousands of mods, textures, weapons, charecters, worlds and even more other things that’ll embellish your game experience. Game is huge and provides so many possibilities and features. Every new game you start is always different, beacuse everything is randomly generated. Now, let’s get to real review.

In this game you’ll be controlling group of people ( called colonists ) which got stranded on ‘unknown’ planet or you’ll be leading natives or even some clan. At the beggining you can chose skills of your colonists, of course not that easily, all of the skills are being randomized together with traits and appearence ( There is a mod so you can manually change them), you just have to keep randomizing them until you get those you like. Every colonist have it’s own background story, who they are, who they were, what are they feelings, thoughts and health condition. Also your colonist can be hurt – mentally and physicly, this have a compact on their performance and sometimes they can even die from them – physicly due to blood loss or mentally due to mourning ( examples ).

After that, you can chose your starting location on the planet but every tile has different environmental conditions – mountains, rivers, deserts, forests, plains and more. Every one of them have it’s own bonuses such as: with river you can build watermill and make electricity, mountains have more minerals, forests provide more wood and animals…( and this goes on )

Goal in this game is to survive and get from point A to point B. Precisly from your starting location, to point on a map where is an old space ship with which you can take off the planet and get back to your homeworld ( I never succeded, so this is what i think ).

In order to survive you’ll have to build a place where you can live, scavange fallen asteroids and piceces of spaceships, mining minerals ( ores ) to build better defences and upgrade your home, chopping wood for firewood, hunting animals so you can feed your people, also making guns to repel enemy raids and saving others so you can persuade them to join your colony. Everything is against you in this game, and there will be many different situations to take care of, so you’ll have to adapt to them in order to survive and take every possible advantage you can.
( For more info about the game i recommend you to read description of the game )

Rimworld is a game of story telling. And warcrimes.

One such case: my faction was raided by the ruthless pirate faction – one of their largest raids yet. They were throwing everything they had at me. Powered armor, miniguns, plasma weaponry. It was a hard fought battle. But something caught my eye at the start, a particular soldier with remarkable stats and the best geared of the group. This man was the faction leaders son.

Not long after their raid turned south i began harvesting organs from the survivors as per routine. But I had something evil planned for the son. I decided to turn him into my only prisoner. I removed his limbs and left him with only what he needed to live, and fed him his fallen comrades from the most recent raid. After all was done, I loaded him into a cargo pod and launched him at his fathers homelands. ‘To send a message.’

It wasn’t long before they responded. Hard. A raid of immeasurable size came back, the son that I had launched at them prior was with the group – with him his father. His limbs restored with advanced bionics far beyond any mundane soldier. Randy Random the god of my world, had decided that my evil acts would not go unchecked; A solar flair hit my base at the same time, knocking out my defences. Leaving my 5 super soldiers versus their army. It was a bloody fought battle.
The faction leader was one of the first to fall, and their numbers were thinning. A wrongly placed missile wiped half their own, but took out 2 of my super soldiers in the blast. One died to shrapnel to the skull instantly. The other clinging to life on the ground. My three other soldiers were dropping one by one, until the enemy faction decided to flee, attempting to take what they could and leave after facing such casualties. The son of the faction, ready to leave to take up his fathers position of leader had planned to take one of my super soldiers of his own, but I couldn’t face to let that happen. Beaten and bruised I had a single soldier still standing whom ran to face the son in a one on one, hand to hand fight. Mano a mano. My soldier, their arms fitted with blades within their wrists like some kind of horrifying techno wolverine, the enemy stood strong, head to toe in bionics like a bloodied terminator. The first punch was thrown by my soldier, ripping his arm off in one. But machine parts don’t feel, and he didn’t flinch to the pain. He threw his one and only punch. Powered by bionics a servo punch so strong it ripped my soldiers bionic jaw off in one, dropping him to the ground.

And that was how my colony of 5 super soldiers ended. Karma.

10/10 would commit warcrimes and face the consequences again.

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