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MOD Desc
*** You must load Miscellaneous CORE first for this to work without errors! ***

-Mobile AI (Mai)

MAI is a researchable and buildable mobile artificial intelligence.

You need to research the basics, how an AI is programmed and how to build a mobile body for her. After you’ve done this you can build the automatic assembler, where most of the body will be produced automatically. After the assembler built your first ai body, you can activate it, as long as you have a crafting professional to do so.

Once MAI has been awoken, she won’t allow further access to her programming, so denying you the abillity to upgrade her. Because of this you should research everything that you want for her to know before hand.
Your Mai has, because of her metal body, a higher damage tollerance. She doesn’t need to eat. But she does need to recharge her internal batteries.

Once her damage is too high or even when her batteries are empty, she will initiate her emergency self destruction program. Try not to be anywhere nearby when she does that..

Help, my Assembler doesn’t work!
– Select the assembler and start the process by pressing the start button
– Now it will display in the info field how many resources are needed.
– Make sure you have the resources in a stockpile.
– Now your haulers should transport the needed resources and the creation process will start.

Showcase by BaRKy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFP28oOTd68

Special thanks to mrofa for the graphics.
(Version: 1.2.0)
Language: English, German, Russian, Chinese

Thanks to duduluu and Buscuit for the Chinese translation
Thanks to Well for the Russian translation

  • just done a bit of testing myself. these bots are very interesting to play with. i very much enjoy goofing around with them.i have noticed the same issue where it posts a message warning about infection. but they do not have one. iv gotten this notice from the random story teller incident event ‘plague’ but does not show in the medical tab and have gotten the warning sometime after it receiving damage.also it would seem they are extremely extremely resistant to temperatures. iv had them exposed to absolute Zero (-460 F or- 273 C) all the way to Extreme heat temps of (1,832 F or 1000 C) and they never burn or freeze to death. except for the fact they get a debuff of -16 mood for extreme heat or cold.also i was wondering does the mood buff of +100 named ‘ … ‘ ever go away? i believe it says like 3 or 5 years but i swear iv had one in my colony for over 6 years and it has never lost the … buff. is it permanent?
  • Yes, I believe I do, sorry for taking so long to respond.I’ll post it here, feel free to delete the comments once you’ve read it :DTried to minify Mai Creator, female x161 with stack count 161. Clamped stack count to 1.Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)RimWorld.MinifyUtility:MakeMinified(Thing)Verse.GenRecipe:PostProcessProduct(Thing, RecipeDef, Pawn)Verse.d__0:MoveNext()System.Collections.Generic.List`1:.ctor(IEnumerable`1)System.Linq.Enumerable:ToList(IEnumerable`1)Verse.AI.c__DisplayClass3_0:b__0()Verse.AI.JobDriver:TryActuallyStartNextToil()Verse.AI.JobDriver:ReadyForNextToil()Verse.AI.c__DisplayClass2_0:b__1()Verse.AI.JobDriver:DriverTick()Verse.AI.Pawn_JobTracker:JobTrackerTick()Verse.Pawn:DMD?-1441333248::Tick_Patch2>(Pawn)Verse.TickList:Tick()Verse.TickManager:DoSingleTick()Verse.TickManager:TickManagerUpdate()Verse.Game:UpdatePlay()Verse.Root_Play:Update()
  • Had 2 recent issues. First. Tried using the Deactivate option in the health tab, they will sleep and a doctor will come stand by them as if they want to ‘operate’, but never will. Will put the doctor in a long loop. Tried manually forcing with a high craftsment and high construct. How can they be deactivated?Second, had some get damaged from hunting/attacks. I built recharge stations, put nanite assemblers beside them. They kept going to the colonist medical beds instead. I forbid them access to the hospital (access doors) drafted, put in their ‘recharge room’ and locked the doors not letting them out. In 2 cases, they refused to get in charge station, just either stood in middle doing nothing, or frantically ran back and forth in the room. I set their restriction to sleep 24 hours to encourage them to repair, and still no luck.
  • I can’t seem to disable any MAI created, they go to the bed, get the state anesthetic when a colonist ‘starts’ the ‘treatment’ but then I recieve an error log and MAI won’t get disabled.Uploaded first try here: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/49ba4a18f059ebebc42cb37f34b6ac20 that’s my only save and it’s heavily modded, the error is from line 1088 to 1092.Then I created a new game with exactly the same mods and order, and tried again, output log: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/0bc5d5272973d16610dc84aa06f513e8 from 1349 to 1407 some error logs like in the first one.Then I tried only with the mods ‘misc. CORE, robots, robots++, and MAI’ only to no avail, same errors again. Didn’t upload this one cause the option in the developer mode to upload comes from a mod apparently lol.Sorry if it’s a stupid thing, i’m no modder and have little knowledge of this code so if it’s my fault just tell me if there’s a way to fix it, thanks.

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