Immersive Human Sounds

MOD Desc
Description Simple Mod that adds pain and death sounds to human pawns.
Now, battles will sound and feel more immersive and alive!

Compatibility No known compatibility issues yet.
Does NOT require a new save game.

I still remember the days when this game was at the beginning. I still remember how I’ve fallen in love since the first minute of gameplay. I JUST BOUGHT IT AND I CAN’T DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM!
As I didn’t play it so much (I think I didn’t play more than 100 hours a long time ago), I’ll tell you what I’m expecting after the purchase, cons and pros and how this game changed my gaming experience.

First of all, the pros (most of them):

– Simply the idea;

I don’t know if there are similar games to this one, but I’m sick of trying to survive on an island, running away from mobs that I can’t kill on my first day and so on, just to survive until…. I guess, forever? (Ex: Don’t starve/Don’t starve together). In Rimworld you have many more reasons to continue surviving. You can always find reasons to keep playing because you play as many ‘characters’, for each you can do a lot of stuff. And of course, to build a spacecraft to go home.

– The diversity;

Are you sick of basic wooden beds and tables? Worry no more! In Rimworld, you can choose to build stuff from literally 20+ types of materials for each one of them. From uranium, gold, marble for furniture, to cat and hila skin for clothes, you can literally create a lot of different things. And that’s because, of course, they’re so ing many types of animals and ores in this game. I CAN ING HAVE A YORKSHIRE TERRIER IN THE GAME SLEEPING IN A ING PET BOX MADE FROM URANIUM (????????). Damn, I love it.

– The colony itself;

When you choose your people, you don’t only have to choose between their race and gender, each one of them having TONS of customizable atribbutes and traits. You can chose their age, their childhood and even their sexual orientation. They can have positive or negative traits, each one of them affecting all your gameplay.

– The posibilities (???);

You can play this game in many ways. The world is huge and it has plenty of different biomes and locations to choose from. You can befriend your visitators, or just make them your prisoners. You can have a peaceful colony just by building and reseaching stuff, or you can everything that’s in your way. Also, very important, you can create presets and stories of your own. You can edit the reason why are you trying to survive or how the story will finish. You can name every one of your colonists how you want and also customize their weight, age, hair, face shape etc., thing that I find very fun to do. Don’t like someone? Name a colonist after him, make him as ugly as possible and just perfom experimental surgeries on him. Make a family. Make two families. Have 40 children. Strip naked and watch the clouds. I don’t know, everything is possible.

– Newbie friendly.

I must tell you that the first time I played this game I had no ing idea how to farm, or how to assign different zones or object and all the stuff, but because of the simple and easy build-in tutorial I’ve learned how to play while playing the game itself. Just having fun right from the start.

So far, these are my pros and why I love this game. I’m pretty sure I’ll find more things as I continue playing.

Now, the cons (that may be just me being noob and stupid):

– The map.

Let’s say that a group of pirates are preparing to attack your colony. You get a message which states the name of the group and from where are they going to attack. The problem is that once you press ‘Jump to location’ in the letter, this option disappears and you must find the enemies again by looking all over the map if you want to check the location one more time… And you mostly won’t find them easily if you’re playing on a large map. I may be stupid and I still don’t know how that works, case in which I’d like to get some advice.

That’s all I can find not being very good until now. Same as the pros, I’ll have to discover more.

Now as I bought Rimworld and I no longer have to play it from strange sources, I’m expecting much more. I’m expecting updates that, as I already can see, are very good scheduled and structured that way to make you excited about them. I also expect a lot of fun with the Workshop mods that we have here (and there’s a lot).

This game changed my opinion about building/survival games and opened me to this genre. Now, it became my favorite and I am always on the search for this awesome kind of games.

I recommend this with all my heart !

ALSO: Support this developer. This game is hard work. I’m glad I bought it. Have fun!

Day 1 – Wick, Adam, & Amber are flung onto the unknown grasslands of a strange planet. Adam & Amber, being lovers, clutch on to one another for safety. Immediately all three, under the influence of a cursor, carve their way into a mountain that has only one entry point and make some beds from the poplar trees they found nearby. A stale survival meal gives them nourishment for the night.

Day 3 – The food supply cannot sustain with the eight survival meals remaining. Adam becomes the farmer for the group and begins planting potatoes, wheat, and rice. Amber begins hunting nearby game and making a freezer for the meat. Wick is still digging into the mountain. Wick is found to be the rival of Adam. No wonder he looks at him with disdain!

Day 7 – A week has passed. Wick has recovered steel, components, and other materials from mining. He begins researching a new form of crafting for the group. It seems like Wick is doing all of the work. Adam and Amber are happy that they are still together. A caravan from another group comes by. They exchange an assault rifle for some of the group’s rice and potatoes. Wait, was that all of the food? Wick is furious.

Day 12 – Amber has killed nearly every animal (or things that even move) in the area. The freezer is full of meat and potatoes now. There are enough meals to last the group through the winter for sure. The group decides to name the town ‘Myro’. They also decide to call their group ‘The Black Sun Empire’. Pretty lofty for three space dweebs, but it has a nice ring to it. Defences are made. A vistor, Sheckly, decides to stay with the group. He takes the place of Wick. Wick is now in charge of defences (and planting flowers).

Day 26 – The settlement has grown into a small village. Pigs and boars have been tamed. A Llama wanted to stay in Myro. An entire farmhouse/pigpen has been created for the new domesticated animals. Life is well in Myro. Everyone smokes Smokeleaf and is at ease. When raids come, the settlers close the main gate and send out the three guards, with Wick at the helm of the town’s defence. The town has an election. Adam is chosen as the leader, as most people connect with him since he is a farmer and populist candidate. Wick becomes jealous.

Day 31 – It is a quiet day in Myro. The total population of the town is now 19 citizens. The farmers are out in the fields harvesting and planting. The tailors and smiths are crafting away. The lone artist, Zeko, is sculpting another wacky statue. However, Wick and Adam get into an argument outside of the gates. Adam lands a punch on Wick, but Wick draws his pistol and puts a bullet straight through his head. The town guard come out and see Adam’s head blown open with Wick standing over him. They do not arrest Wick. He buries Adam in a shallow grave outside of town. Everyone asks where Adam has gone when he isn’t back in town by nightfall. Wick says he has no idea, but that he knew Adam was becoming very stressed by leading the entire town. The citizens want to wait a few days before they have another election. Amber knows what really happened, but is too afraid of Wick to say anything.

Day 38 – A week has passed since Adam went missing. The town decides to move forward with the election. Wick is the new leader of the town. He immediately has Amber framed for the murder of Adam, since she thought he was seeing another woman. Probably Elise, the nurse who always takes care of his wounds. Wick throws her into the town’s jail, which is located out of town for some reason. There is to be a trial, but no one comes in defence of Amber. The town needed a scapegoat, and Wick knew just who it should be.

Day 43 – Amber has been found guilty. She is to be executed. Wick is waiting in the center of town with the rest of the citizens while Amber is dragged by the guards. Wick proclaims that Amber needs to confess her crimes, but all she does is spit on his face. Wick smiles, wipes it off, and pulls out his pistol. Wick looks Amber in the eyes and pulls the trigger. Now the true era of The Black Sun Empire has begun…


Overall, this game is one of the best I have played in a long time. If you use your imagination a little, rich stories can be crafted during every play-through. The mechanics are fairly simple and the characters are amazing. This is my first review, so…


The devs are working very hard to bring more content to the game. Hopefully it will be enough to better the score I give it!

Short review:

A very good colony sim, complete with complex mechanics and incredible replayability. Anything from simple base building to complex interactions between the colonists can be found in this game and if theres anything you dont like or wish to be in the game, theres always the modding scene.

Long review:

1. Gameplay. Gameplay seems simple at first, and it quite honestly is. You just build your colony, grow crops, gather resources, trade with other factions, research technologies and other things that can be found in games similar to this one. However, as you explore the game’s mechanics you quickly find out just how complex they can get. Building a base is simple, sure, but does the room you assigned to Bob meet his needs and standarts? Is the dining room easy to access? Did you leave enough space for storage and is the area defended? Does the recreation area have enough ‘joy’ items in it? Is the research you prioritized actually useful for the colony in it’s current state? Was it a good idea to send Bob to build that generator, even though he is not very skilled in construction? Was recruiting John, the raider, a good idea? All of this and more is all the things you have to consider during your playthrough.
Bob hated the room he was assigned to, and now he has a mental breakdown, going around punching every colonist he sees. The dining room is too hard to access, and some of the colonists just eat on the floor, and they don’t like that. Storage area didn’t have enough space so now you have to waste resources and time on expanding it. Colonists got bored of the few ‘joy’ items in the recroom and their ‘joy’ needs are not being met. The research you chose now lets you build something you don’t have the materials for. Mark hates John because, as it turned out, he killed Mark’s wife during his last raid, and now they are fighting for the 100th time instead of doing something useful for the colony. And the generator? Bob broke it and now you have to waste more resources building it again.
Different needs; different colonist skills; different colonist personalities and social interations based on the personality; an extensive ‘job’ system; functional anatomy replacing the ‘HP’ bar; impressive combat system which relies on the aforementioned anatomy; trading; raiding other factions…
And it just keeps going. The learning curve of this game is quite steep but satisfying to master.
And then there are Storytellers, which is the system the game uses to increase replayability. Each of the Storytellers have their own ‘personalities’ and each of them generates different events for your colony, as such no ‘story’ is the same.

I realize that the ‘gameplay’ section is more of a description than a review, but it is difficult to explain what’s so good about the gameplay without describing it in detail. Look at all the reviews that are just stories of different colonies.

2. Graphics. Some might say that they are lacking, but in my opinion, they fit the game perfectly. Simple, non-intrusive, and it’s always easy to tell what’s going on. That is all.

3. Sound. Much like the graphics, sound design fits the game perfectly; it creates somewhat of a ‘wild west’ feel in a game where you build a colony on a largely unknown planet.

4. Modding. I have no idea where to start with this; the modding community is about as big as it gets. There are mods for almost anything. Anything from simple fixes and small changes to adding a completely new set of mechanics. And if you can’t find a mod you want, it’s probably being developed by someone already. All thanks to the quality of the base game, the fact that almost anything about the game can be changed, as well as the fact that it’s relatively simple to do.

5. Performance. Is good. Since the graphics are simple, there’s not much to worry about in terms of performance(aside from different calculations; more a bit later), and, as far as i’m aware, all the bugs have been ironed out. The only time the base game lags is when you have tons of ‘pawns'(colonists, raiders, animals and so on) on the screen. The mechanics of this game are complex, as well as some calculations it needs to do, so when there are a lot of things happening at once you can experience some pretty hard lag spikes. Also, do keep in mind that installing loads of mods can, and probably will, make your game run much slower, as well as make it unstable. Thankfully, that only happens when you have 150+ mods.

To wrap it all up: this game is bloody amazing. Get it. Try it. Somewhat hard to learn, but very fun to play; this game is more than worth it’s price.

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