Sacred WhiteFox

MOD Desc
I personally drew a picture and added it.

– Stat
Value : 1750
Size : 0.9
HealthScale : 2.5
Wildness : 75%
Temperature : -70 ~ 30
MoveSpeed : 7.14
ExpectancyAge : 60 (0 ~Puppy~ 2.5 ~Juvenile~ 7.5 ~Adult)
Wool : 25day, x50 wool
FoodType : Omnivore

– Appearance position
Very low probability, one appears in cold climates or in temperate climate.

— Compatible Modes —
– A Dog Said..
– Animal Gear
– Combat Extended
– HardCore SK

ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ (3/11) ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ
1. HardCore SK 1.0ver : Compatible, Can be used without problems.

2. Add Chinese translation

3. Stats have been adjusted a little

4. Pregnancy period has been shortened. (74 -> 54 day)

Ah Rimworld. This has got to be one of my favourite games ever. If you think youd enjoy running a small sci-fi colony then this game is for you. If you like Dwarf Fortress but you find it too user-unfreindly this game is for you. and if emergent storytelling where the characters in your game take on real meaning to you despite being crude 2d likenesses then this game is for you.

Im pretty terrible at reviews so Instead Ill share a story of a few of the characters from my first actually succesful colony (Read: a colony that wasnt lost to insanity/pirates/starvation/etc. within the first few quadrums)

So I had a decently sized (by my standards) colony of about a dozen pawns. We had rudimentary turret defenses, guns, stable food production and of course, a pack of tamed wolves. Two of my favourite colonists were Erika and Fiolina, two of my starting three colonists. Since the first year the pair had been inseparable lovers and were the friends of everyone in the entire colony. One day Fio proposed to Erika and the wedding was on. Our meagre wooden dining hall was decorated with flowers and statues and lavish meals and alcohol was prepared for the celebration of the triumph of love in the brutal desert of our home. Everyone in the colony attended, exept for poor Mortus who was busy dying of the Plague in the sickbay, and a huge celibration ensued. Then Fio and Erika lived happily ever after…
At least until that night when we recieved a radio transmission about a an ancient alien artifact of great psychic power that was located nearby the colony. We needed to send someone to secure it so naturally I chose our happy newlyweds for the expedition. What better honeymoon than a dangerous search for an artifact of uncertain power guarded by unkown enemies. Brand new shotguns were taken from the machine shop and Two wolves were loaded with food and medicine for the 3 day long trip. The colony watched as the happy honeymooners set off on wolfback with shotguns slung across their backs. After a mercifully uneventful journey our heroines arrived at the location of the aritfact. Everything seemed quiet and there was no threat to be seen. At least until Fio breached the door to the central ruin where the artefact was certain to be. From the edges of the map a pack of boomalopes (antelopes filled with highly explosive chemfuel) began to surround my explorers. It was an underwhelming foe for my armed-to-the-teeth lesbians though and after a few shots the entire herd of two dozen exploded one by one in a chain reaction setting the entire forest on fire. Fio and Erika grabbed the aritfact and left, having wiped out a pack of usually peaceful creatures and setting an entire forest on fire.
When they got back the artifact was discovered to only offer a tiny mood buff in a small radius. not exactly the game changing artefact of power I was hoping

And thats the story of how Two shotgun wielding, wolf riding, newlywed lesbians went on an epic honeymoon adventure to recover an alien artefact, destroy an entire forest and shoot lots of helpless animals in the process.

My colony began, as most do, with just three settlers and a dog. The colony steadily grew. Our technology level was progressing nicely, no shortages of food, plenty of electricity. All was well (Aside from the time a small gang of raiders killed my dog. Don’t worry, though, revenge was thoroughly served.). More people joined over time until there were seven colonists living in this little hamlet.

Then comes the day when the emus arrived.

A pack of man-hunting emus. So many god damn emus. As they closed in on the town I received a message from a neighboring ally, that they were sending help immediately. ‘Thank god we’re saved!’ I thought, but alas, they were too late. by the time my allies arrived the emus had swarmed the town. One of my hunters who I hadn’t realized was out had somehow angered a bear as well; this hunter, while running back towards the town from the grizzly bear, was faced head on by two emus. While the hunter was being mauled to death by this bear-emu coalition, I figured I could send my other hunter to shoot the emus while they were distracted. Spectacularly, he misses all of his shots, with a shotgun, at close-mid range, and is then himself mauled by the grizzly and his emu pals. Meanwhile back at the town, all of the other colonists aside from one are cowering in one tiny shed, trying to survive until the allies arrive. It’s no use. These feathery beasts bust down the door and start havin a brawl with the four colonists. My people are losing horribly. I instruct them to retreat into the large main work building nearby. One is taken down on the way but the other three make it. At this point Bear & Co have just about reached that same door. I knew they would go there. I intended to wait until they passed the remaining colonist hiding in another small room, and have her run out and rescue her two fallen comrades. She was a doctor, you see. The emus were one step ahead. This organized army had two of their birds waiting in ambush. The doctor, unarmed, never stood a chance. Unlike the others, who were simply beaten unconscious and left to die slowly, doc was killed on the spot. It seems these birds had strategy, opting finish off the healer. By this point the bear and swarm of emu warriors had knocked down the door where my last three colonists took refuge.

However, hope was not yet lost! The allies had finally arrived. They defeat the emus, and leave, neglecting to offer any medical aid whatsoever. Wonderful. I send the three still standing to rescue the others. Two of the three are critically injured, they’ll be dead within the day. One still stands. He scurries around healing his friends as best he can, but he’s not medically trained. by the time one colonist is almost stabilized, he passes out of the spot. I am forced to sit and watch as the entire population of my beloved little hamlet dies slowly. Nothing could be done.

That was the story of how my successful colony was utterly annihilated by a pack of emus.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I think I’m legally Australian now.

TL;DR: Get this game if you enjoy a bit of randomness, a lot of fun and love having to think about every aspect of survival and plan for it accordingly. It has insane value for money. I haven’t played long but I assume you could play this a billion times and it will always be different. There’s even a bunch of mods to try out. I haven’t yet but i will… Totally. Just. Get. This!

This game… Wow. A friend recommended it to me. I know I’d checked it out before and hummed and hawed on if I would actually like it because I am a 3D snob… I often pass up the 2D games just because they’re 2D. Yes, yes. I know I’m missing out on a few really great titles. It’s not that I don’t have any 2D games, but I tend to judge them a bit more harshly. This 2D game far surpassed the bar I put before it.

First thing I did when I opened the game was run through the tutorial. I figured it would be better than just winging it like I usually do, and I’m really glad I did that. I realised quite quickly that there’s quite a few things you can do in the world.

Once I thought I was prepared enough, I set up my first settlement of 2 chicks and a dude. I didn’t put too much thought in who I selected. I focused solely on getting a loving couple in there…. because I thought… babies… lol. Maybe I could expand my settlement later if they just have a ton of kids? I don’t even know if that’s possible but whatever. It didn’t matter. They were not alive long enough to even get married.

So… my little people were doing okay at the start. They worked together in harmony, chopping trees and building my giant room they all lived together in. They seemed pretty happy to me and given that the pace of the game kinda was a bit slow and even in the tutorial it said you could speed things up if you wanted to….Well, I figured it was a feature designed to be used if you were just sitting there the entire time… Like, you could just get up and walk away from this game and let things run their course… But….that was WRONG! lol. It went horribly craptastic super fast. I had only got up to get a coffee. Just a quick cup of coffee. When I returned, one of my little settlers was having a freak out with a gun, shooting up everything. She appeared to have angered a squirrel and it basically killed them all in retribution for psycho sally going on a shooting spree.

Turns out, Psycho Sally was a nudist that I clothed because I made an assumption that in order to survive, they must have clothes on. Oh, and they may have been a teensy bit hungry because I kinda didn’t prioritise food as much as I should’ve. Doh!

Anyway, lesson learned! My next go turned out to be even better and my third time, things are going even more smoothly. They’re all still alive but I had forgotten about seasonal changes. If they don’t survive (and I’m sure they won’t) my next try, I must remember winter is coming! (GoT reference – was not on purpose! Complete coinkydink.)

I could go on and on singing its praises but I’m just going to say, it’s worth it. Get it. You won’t be sorry.

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