More vanilla factions

MOD Desc
If you simply want 4 instead of 1-2 of the default factions this mod is perfect for you. However, if you want control of specific things, and features like grouping faction bases geographically close to each other, check out this mod:

This mod does not change the number of faction bases or directly change the frequency of raids, traders, travelers, etc.

I’ve always wanted more factions to be around, for additional trading and raiding options.
After failing to find a mod that does it, i made this.

-forces 4 tribe factions, rather than the default 1-2
-forces 4 outlander factions, rather than the default 1-2
-forces 2 raider factions

compatible with old save files, overwrites factions_misc ( I’m not sure how this will work with other faction mods, use them with this at your own risk.)

Please note you will need to create a new game ( world ) to see the affects of this mod.

Issues are possible. 90% of the time it’s a conflict with a different mod.

forum post, if that’s your cup of tea:
A16 and A17 version can be found there

  • mod dosn’t effect anything even related to that.So eaither your copy of rimworld is royally messed up and you should check the file integrety of it, or theres something else going on.This is a very simple mod that only increases the amount of faction variety on map generation.Dosn’t touch relationships or amount of bases or anything.any unexpected behavior is eaither other mods or the base game.
  • guess would be that rebel groups and empires are a child or replacement of the raider and outlander factions, which means that my mod is overwriting the default or mod defined defs that make you only have 1 of those factions. You might be able to fix it by moving the star wars mod under or over my mod in your load order. Not sure if that’ll work though! If it dosn’t i think you’re just out of luck my friend.
  • So my mod modifies a file that controlls a lot of faction stuff pertaining to map generation. If you have any other mod that also modifies that it will essentially disable my mod because the changes are overwritten. The only solution to this is making sure that my mod runs after the other mods in your load order. But keep in mind that my mod might overwrite other mods code then. As to your save, You’re gunna need to make a new one to see the effects, because my mod only takes affect during generation of the world. You need to make a new world to get the extra factions.I’ve head of a mod called ‘faction discovery’ which may help with this?But i reccomend you just start a new world.Just removing the other mods wont add more factions to your world.
  • Way too many errors reported for the 1.0 Faction Control. Really sounds like that mod is dead also. Considering that Avis is saying that this mod doesn’t work either, it’s pretty disheartening.Anyone else have recommendations for stable mods that add factions, which works with 1.0? Not really looking for crazy modded factions like the ones in Rimsenal, I’d just like more vanilla factions exactly like what this mod proposed…
  • what it seems to do now for me is making factions in couples – there’s always 2 factions with same settings and almost the same colour, can’t really differentiate while not paying attention to it specificallywhile i don’t mind factions with the same behaviour, do you think you could do something about the colours so that we could easily know who’s who without having to care about which shade of light blue that little house on the map is?thanks in advance!
  • This might be dumb queston but is it possible for a mod to not give you an error but still not load correctly. I have loved using this mod for a while now but now when I start a new game it has just the default number of factions. I did add a cople new mods to my existing ones and that is when i saw this change. I tried to back track and disable those new ones but it still seems to keep the default number of factions. I hope what I am asking is making sense. Thanks for all of your hard work on this mod!

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