Punji Sticks

MOD Desc
Punji Sticks are a classic example of a spike trap, which look a little more realistic vs the original spike trap. To boot the diseases that accumulate on the ends of the sticks promote plague in its victims.

Cost: 35 Wood

Main Features:
– Level 1 construction requirement (it is sticks and digging…)
– No need to rearm.
– Causes severe bleeding.
– 25% chance to spread Plague or worsen the effect with a random severity.
– Similar to Spike Trap, cannot be placed adjacent to other traps.

This review is a bit overdue but nevertheless. I’ve followed and played this game since it was in its infancy. Played through the alphas to now the betas, paid money to even have my name put into the game before it was released to steam. This game is simply wonderful to say the least. Managing a colony is a bit more work than you’d think (and more fun than I could’ve ever imagined). You have to put up with your people having moody days, to feeling good and spreading the cheer around. Give them food, shelter, safety, cleanliness, and healthy living conditions. They are there because they think it’s better than going away on their own, but if you don’t take care of their needs, they can and will leave. From defending against pirate raids to steal your people and supplies, to dealing with a mad squirrel hellbent on attacking anything that moves, to possibly even leaving the planet entirely. This game soaked up so much of my time before it was on steam, and I haven’t done it enough justice of playing it more than I have. I am also skipping over a lot more aspects of the game that would make this review too long. I highly recommend this game if you like to design settlements, manage your people, or just like to see what would happen if you gave a pyromaniac a flamethrower in your town, then this may be the game for you.

i will now recount a very tragic love story
our colony was thriving and we had just recruited a new member of our society, a woman which i named dracula. in her bio it said that she had a lover, james living far away somewhere. later i recieved a message that read that james himself was joining our colony. he must have longed for his lover dracula for some time and had finally decided to join her and be with her after all this time. truly a display of true love. after alot of planning and preparation james finally had the guts to propose to her but she coldheartedly rejected james and ended the relationship. after the soulcrushing rejection james lost his mind and went of a very sad wander to reflect over his life. he wandered for an entire night and when he came back she was waiting for him…..

when he arrived she instatly insulted him and ofc he insulted back, that started an argument and that spiraled into a massive fist fight in which with one strong blow dracula murdered james, shattering his spine. then to avoid suspicion she hastily burried his shatterd body in a nearby open grave.

after we reburried him in a sarcophagus as he deserved, what was he remembered for? his sad psycological breakdown..
that poor sod

may you rest in peace james
this game is ing amazing

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