SS Battery Fuse

MOD Desc
I have updated both this and fuse to coplapse into 1 item in power.
for a more clean rimworld! right click to see all sizes =)

[1.1] Just updated to 1.1 till Spdskatr come back.
Please see:
For original mod
[1.0]A mod that adds additional fuses for the mod SS Bigger Batteries. Must be loaded after both RT Fuse and SS Bigger Batteries.

Yes this game is easily recommended even with the full 30 dollar price tag. This is especially true if you love colony, hardcore,
simulations. But really you can play the game how you see fit.

This game is basically Ancap simulator. From organ harvesting, building auschwitz, and anything you can think of, you can do. The only thing that some may see as a problem is that the difficulty in this game. Early on you’ll properly struggle to figure out this game and late game you’ll properly get your A55 penetrated.

modding for this game is also great most of the mods can be found on the steam workshop, even a complete brainlet like me can figure how to get that working. If you prefer some of the more naughty mods (rimjobworld) you can find it at nexus and most other modding places.

this video put it pretty acurately:

Have plenty of raw rice, perfect stove, a lot of time. Noone is forced to cook, so everybody just eat a raw rice out of laziness…

A beard man, just after having a beautiful sex session with his wife, gets up in the middle of the night to have a snack and smoke some weed. Then goes back to bed like nothing ever happened…

Fierce hunter with energy rifle shoots the sleeping mouse. Mouse gets shot, wakes up and starting to fight back. Hunter is running away like a …

A teenages gets a mental breakdown because of his little dark bedroom. Decides to stay in the room for the whole day…

A young man accidentally shot his bride during the raid. Has mixed up feeling because he is both upset with the fact his future wife is gone at the one hand and joyful about witnessing really cool and gruesome death at the other hand…

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