Children and Pregnancy

MOD Desc
Children and Pregnancy Revived!

Adds children and human reproduction to the game.

All credit for the revival goes to Tragix on the Ludeon forums.

Credit for the original mod goes to Thirite.

For all bug reports, please post in the main thread here:

Original thread by Thirite and mod details:

This is an updated release of Children and Pregnancy by Thirite.
This modification was not endorsed or authorized by Thirite outside of the permission granted to me as Licensee through the license agreement defined in the original thread
Quote from: Thirite on December 27, 2016, 09:06:22 PM
Consider it licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.

I will continue to support the mod until such a time that Thirite updates his version to 1.1, or merges my own fork into the code base.
Note that there may be bugs resulting from the migration to 1.1. I have tested a great deal of the functionality, but there may always be edge cases. Please practice due caution when first installing new mods, and be sure to keep a backup save.

GitLab Releases []

– Thirite: Mod author
– Cheran: Ported the mod to the v1.0 Release of RimWorld and fixed many bugs
– Jarry1250: Reworked the tolerance level of social joy for babies and toddlers
– lellel: Fixed a notorious and old rendering bug.
– Kori: Patched out pirates from spawning with children

Per the original license agreement, this is licensed with the same license:

Russian Translation: Modg of

Japanese Translation: Proxyer

Korean Translation: lellel

Credit to Jarry1250 for reworking the tolerance level of social joy for babies and toddlers.

  • Opened up a save and my toddlers’ clothes aren’t showing, some of them have weird heads with no eyes, and infants or crawling toddlers are just a sausage shape with no features. Adult pawns with childcare enabled are snatching hungry pawns and taking them to their beds to feed them. It’s kind of a jerk move to force an update that breaks a save especially when some, like me, have a lot of time sunk into those saves. Reverting to my previous save before I installed this mod a month ago is going to cost me like 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Children, School and Learning is incompatable at a red level with this mod: Children, School and Learning – Overrides pawn generation methods, breaking CNP birth. Hard incompatibility until can check out known incompatabilities here: As always, all QUESTIONS and BUGS should click on that link, above. As for my own review, this mod has been my go to since mid beta when it first came out. The other pregnancy mods pale in comparison to the support this mod gives, some(like Babies and Children) are derivitives of this mod that are no longer fully supported. This is the original here, and it’s still going strong with new additions and compatibility fixes constantly. To make it stronger, bring suggestions and bugs to the website above to help it get better! This page will sometimes be behind the main ludeon webpage version, so if you have a problem, or a bug, there may already be a fix there!
  • Updated to v3.0.1Fixed body addon offset valuesAdded hairGraphic override to defDefault child head graphic changed to shrunken adult headFixed east/west rotation errors for body addonsAdded startup validation on racial defsRework settings menuAdd racial settingsFix gestation days settingAdded racial life cycle definitionMove gestation days and impregnation chance to defDirect support for Orrasan and Ratkin racesHumanoid Alien Races support added – requires patches per raceFix colonist born memory being added to prisonersTweak performance on feed and move baby jobsIncreased social gain from play with baby job to reduce time spent crib sideFix androids (and any other race) being taken to cribsGeneral code cleanup
  • Updated v2.1.2Genetic traits actually get applied properly nowImproved trait generation so random traits can be added to a baby’s traitpool (with new adjustable setting)Replaced redundant birth defect hediffs with vanilla counterparts (kept the old hediffs for backwards compatibility)Inbred babies get the ‘staggeringly ugly’ trait added to their traitpoolToddlers no longer take food into inventoryAdded new mood buffs, colonists now get a mood bonus when a baby is born into the colonyFixed bug where lactating pawns would never breastfeed hungry babiesChanged sexuality traits to be acquirable upon reaching puberty rather than being geneticChildren with undergrounder trait no longer get scared of the dark
  • Hi, i dont speak good english so sorry for that. i dont know if there is any solution for the problem with androids and the childcare workjob. but i got an not perfect but for me working solution. i build an extra sleeping room for each android. than i used the mod ‘locked’ so that only the android who belongs to the load station in this room can enter the room. thats it. nobody with the childcare job can put the android to his bed because they found no way to it. maybe its working with zone settings to but i didnt try this out.

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