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I DID NOT MAKE THIS MOD: All credit goes to Nandonalt.
**Updated for Rimworld 1.1**

Rimworld 1.0 release can be downloaded from github

Colony Leadership Mod! Elect specialized leaders with increased stats and capacity to teach others.

Doesn’t require a new save game.
If you have issues/errors, please post here with the max information you can.

This mod add leaders and teaching to RimWorld. Description below:

-> Democracy: the normal type of leadership, where leaders are elected by vote.
-> NEW: Dictatorship: you make the rules and you select which colonist will be the leader. No elections and no ‘rebellions’.

-> From the new ‘Leadership’ main tab on the game window, you can manage leaders.
-> Build a ballot box so colonists can ‘use’ them to gather the colony for an election.
-> Elections can be held on day 1, 7 or 15 of each season. Elections can be cancelled if something bad happens during it. Also, remember to build it on a nice spot safe from rain. (If you don’t like this feature, you can use dev mode to trigger it)
-> When the election finished, the leaders will be elected.
-> 1 leader limit if the colony has less than 5 colonist. Otherwise, the limit is 2.
-> Be sure that the colonists have good needs before starting an election.
-> The colonists will decide who will be their leader and which type the leader will be.
-> Colonists unable to do social jobs will never be leaders.

-> Leaders will have a always-on buff that will increase some of its stats.
-> Leaders have improved trading prices, gift impact and chance to recruit prisoners.
-> Leadership level can be checked on the ‘Needs’ tab and will influence the buffs.
-> Leaders emit an aura of stat-buffs to nearby colonists in the same room and is also influenced by the leadership level.
-> Leaders can inspire other colonists and give them a small mood buff.
-> The leadership level is calculated by what the colonists think about the leader and the skill levels have a little of influence on it.
-> Unpopular leaders can be asked to step out of power and, on worst cases, the colony can rebel against them and proceed to arrest them.
-> You cannot change leader types.
-> Leader mandate is 1 year.

-> BOTANIST: specialized in Growing, Medicine and Animals. Stat buffs include plant work speed, immunity gain speed, taming chance and more.
-> WARRIOR: specialized in Shooting and Melee. Stat buffs include move speed, accuracy, hit chance and more.
-> CARPENTER: specialized in Crafting, Mining and Artistic. Stat buffs include construction speed, work speed, mining speed and more.
-> SCIENTIST: specialized in Research. Stat buffs include research speed, surgery success chance, learning speed and more.

-> New buildable objects: teaching table, chalkboard and globe. Found on Architect/Misc.
-> Right now, only leaders can teach.
-> Teaching table is where leaders can hold lessons and teach the skills they are specialized in.
-> Build it, click on it and open its ‘Schedule’ tab. There you can schedule lessons for the whole season, meaning each day you can choose if you want a lesson and which teacher will teach. You can also set which time of day the lesson will start.
-> You can also select which colonists will not join the lectures.
-> Leaders will only teach skills that are level 8 and above.
-> Assign leaders to colors, and use yellow if you want a random teacher that day.
-> You can only hold one lesson each 24 hours, to avoid exploitation.
-> Build the chalkboard and the globe to improve learning. The chalkboard is dynamic!

THANKS TO: The RimWorld mod community for being cool, FlatIcon for some textures I used and Jecrell who helped me getting lessons to work by allowing me to use his code as a reference.
Mods featured on screenshots: FashionRIMSta, Vegetable Garden, Facial Stuff.

Source Code Repository: (Feel free to submit a pull request).

*Compatible with Psychcology mod.
Compatible with Children mod (but this mod must come first in the load order).

Support the original developer, it’s his mod.
Want to support me and my mods? Check out

‘THANKS TO: The RimWorld mod community for being cool, FlatIcon for some textures I used and Jecrell who helped me getting lessons to work by allowing me to use his code as a reference.
Mods featured on screenshots: FashionRIMSta, Vegetable Garden, Facial Stuff.’ – Nandonalt, original mod posting.

  • A few things to note, 1) Gift impact and prisoner recruitment have been rolled into the Negotiation ability, 2) Melee hit chance(and most combat skill) offsets are next to useless for reasons I don’t fully understand. For example, at level 10 melee the 15% hit chance offset equates to a 0.2 point bonus or a 0%(when rounded) gain to hit chance. Although at level 4 melee that 0.2 point bonus does lead to a 2% gain to hit chance! 3) You could always replace pawn shooting accuracy with an aim time reduction, 4) MeleeWeapon_Cooldown is now MeleeWeapon_CooldownMultiplier(I haven’t tried using it, so YMMV), 5) You should consider toning down global work speed as it will lead to some crazy high values for anyone of skill past level 1 carpenter, 6) Construction success chance isn’t nearly as important any more now that a skilled constructor doesn’t lose the ability to function when he’s missing a finger, 7) Everything you need for skills is in ModsCoreDefsStats
  • -CONTINUE-I think the function of changing leaders/type through dev mode is actually quite useful, and I used it very often for story telling purpose. That’s why I wouldn’t say I want something completely turning it on/off, since that will be tinny bit inconvenient, but rather something that we can access else where. I really think the teacher table UI is one of the most well-made thing in the mod, I feel like you can really strengthen the mod in this way. For example, moving that UI to the voting box and without the access of Dev mode, so it kind of feel like my naked brutality tribe guy being the only one as a dictator in the his little colony, learned to accept the changes and use voting to decide who suit the leader position better as he recruit more people into his colony, once he learned how to make complex furniture and built his first voting box. (LOL) Or, maybe one of my pawn decided to take the wheel and became a dictator when 2/3 of the colonist died from a raid.
  • On save load, a continuous stream of these errors is generated, repeating with ‘leader1’ through ‘leader4’:Failed to find Verse.HediffDef named leader3. There are 380 defs of this type loaded.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.DefDatabase`1:GetNamed(String, Boolean)Verse.HediffDef:Named(String)Nandonalt_ColonyLeadership.TeachingUtility:leaderH(Pawn)Nandonalt_ColonyLeadership.Icon:DrawIconsModded(Rect, Pawn)System.Reflection.MonoMethod:InternalInvoke(Object, Object[], Exception&)System.Reflection.MonoMethod:Invoke(Object, BindingFlags, Binder, Object[], CultureInfo)System.Reflection.MethodBase:Invoke(Object, Object[])MoodBarPatch.MoodPatch:Prefix(ColonistBarColonistDrawer, Rect&, Pawn&, Map&, Boolean&, Boolean&)RimWorld.ColonistBarColonistDrawer:DrawColonist_Patch1(Object, Rect, Pawn, Map, Boolean, Boolean)RimWorld.ColonistBar:ColonistBarOnGUI()RimWorld.MapInterface:MapInterfaceOnGUI_BeforeMainTabs_Patch1(Object)RimWorld.UIRoot_Play:UIRootOnGUI()Verse.Root:OnGUI()
  • Love the mod but it’s a little strange how hard colonists try and ditch their current work to go to the lesson.DistanceI wish colonists on the other side of the map didn’t stop what they’re doing to try to run to the lesson just to miss it anyway, would love to see some kind of radius of influence on the table that excluded colonists outside a certain range/walking distance.Job TypeI also find it quite annoying that a doctor will literally stop doing surgery midway to go to the lesson. Certain jobs should take precedence over the lesson. If this was ever added, it could maybe be configurable in the mod options depending on player preference. I also think prioritized work should take precedence and the lesson shouldn’t keep overriding.Not sure if any of this is meant to be in place and I’m just having issues but would love to hear any feedback. I really enjoy this mod, I just want to see continuous improvement. If nothing changed I would still continue to use the mod. Thanks!

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