Plant Saver(continued)

MOD Desc
Rewrote mod to use patches instead of overwriting Vanilla Defs.

Let me know if you want compatibility with plants from other mods. I will add if requested.

Original Author: MewThePinkman

Original Description: Some Plants no longer die when harvested, saving a lot of your grower’s time.

Original Link:

Other Mod Compatibility:

  • Vanilla Plants Expanded
  • Vanilla Cooking Expanded
  • VCE-Sushi
  • SYR Coffee and Tea (Adds Tea)
  • Combat Extended (Adds Blaze Bulb)
  • VGP-Base
  • Garden Medicine
  • Garden Gourmet
  • More Veggies
  • Garden Fabrics + GF Simplified
  • Garden Resources
  • Garden Drinks works if you have Garden Gourmet loaded.
  • Three Sisters (Squash, Tomato, Pumpkin depend on More Veggies to work with this mod.)
  • Rim Cuisine 2 + Smokes & Shrooms add-on
  • ZP-Rice cultivating civilization
  • MorrowRim
  • Alcohol
  • Moon Sugar & Skooma


  • Realism Option

Mi Ko-fi page if you feel like contributing:

A nice little game where when you start you don’t expect to become attached to your colonists like everyone else says they do, but as you play more and more you being to care more and more for those 3 little people who’s space ship crashed onto some random planet. You begin to worry when they are upset and smile when you see that they are in a good mood, and become aggressive to the other people on planet who are trying to steal from you just to survive. You feel sad when they die and happy when a new person joins you lovely little community. At that moment you begin to realize you also fell victim to caring for your colonist much like me and many other people have. They become your little children and you love each and every one, no matter how many are 70 year old women with Mohawks and machine guns running into battle against teenagers.

I started playing Rimworld prior to its Steam release. Despite the level of detail that the makers have put into the game it remains very approachable and entertianing leadingme to always go that extra day and lose another hours sleep. It can also be unforgiving…thought that you had a handle on everyhthing after beating back the strongest raid yet and only having one colonist hurt badly….well an insect hive just opened up in the refrigerator containing your food supply, a solar flare went off knocking out electricity and your best fighter is in a hospital bed while one of your few totally healthy colonists is a pacifist and refuses to harm another creature. Too bad it is still winter and those crops will not be growing for another season….

Update: Version 1 is a stable masterpiece. One of the best Early Access experiences.

I found this game by complete accident when looking for a more graphically pleasing alternative to Dwarf Fortress. At the surface the game seems simple. Keep your crashed pawns alive. And then it gets so much more complex. The environment wants to kill you. The wildlife wants to kill you. Then other communities start wanting to kill me.


I survive. My colony grows. I have an addicted peg leg miners that need to binge every three days. I have a cook who lost an eye and right arm because his own rabbit attacked him while he started a social fight with another colonist because they didn’t want to get it on.


We survive. My colony grows. Eventually we will build a rocket and escape this rock. Or figure out how those trade ships can transport slaves to and from their ships but not give us a ride out.

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