[1.1] Ice

MOD Desc
Adds Ice to Rimworld.

* Build ice walls and sculptures
* Ice blocks, walls and sculptures will cool the area but deteriorate
* Repair ice things with more ice blocks
* Ice blocks can be dug from ice terrain or bought from traders, price will vary depending on the temperature
* Lakes and marshes freeze in winter and during cold snaps
* You can build on the frozen lakes, but beware, things might get destroyed when they thaw
* Carrying ice blocks will keep your other carried things nice and fresh.

Needs HugsLib to be loaded before. Uses Harmony.

Preview image made by [Queendubstep](http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198284547921/)

  • Hey, shouldn’t ‘Shallow Ice’ support ‘Bridgeable?’ I now have some terrain I literally can’t build anything on, no matter what, in a really unfortunate place. D:—-Re: digging – It’d be really cool to imitate Vanilla Furniture – Security’s ‘trenches’, once you’ve dug a sea-ice tile.Becomes extremely slow to move into/out of dug tiles; but they offer 75% (or something ridiculous like that) cover. Obviously, thereafter, can’t use dug tiles for further ice.Perhaps even have three tiers? ‘Ice, shallow ice trench (40% cover), deep ice trench (75% cover).’ That allows you to eventually excavate a total of 4 ice-blocks per sea-ice tile, which is almost enough to build a single wall.(This would also help with the difficulty of finding wood to build _actual_ trenches on sea-ice, haha )
  • ice block market value:All core blocks of stone have value of 0.9 whereas this mod’s ice block value is 3.5. By updating the Resource.xml file in the underlying 1556240626 folder the value can be adjusted down to vanilla or whatever value you feel is appropriate. build on snow:By adding Medium to Affordances in the TerrainDefs.xml file you can add back ability to build any walls on ice.digging ice mining skill:By decompiling Ice.dll it’s evident that public class JobDriver_DigIce : JobDriver_AffectFloor is chosen which increases SkillDefOf.Construction. I attempted to update the JobDrive object a couple of different ways but failed miserably when compiling was attempted.It’s definitely a lot of fun trying to figure things out on your own. I hope Fumblesneeze has time one day to implement a few changes cause I only play on Ice Sheets and love this mod’s concept.
  • Regarding ice mining skill: given JobDriver_DigIce was inheriting JobDriver_AffectFloor, an XML patch overriding the skill JobDriver_AffectFloor was attached to [construction] would have then made mining skill up for all floor jobs that also use JobDriver_AffectFloor. What I ended up doing was creating another JobDriver class [JobDriver_AffectFloorIce] and changed its skill class to mining. I suspect there was an easier way to go about this but a win is a win. If Fumblesneeze ever abandons this mod or gives me permission to create a slightly different version of it [with giving him full credit of course] I’d be happy to release one that: aligns ice block value to vanilla’s stone, adds medium affordance back, shift digging ice to work off of and raise mining skill, and remove water freezing effect.
  • HugsLib, I’m on it.The most notable drawback to the permafrost functionality is IMO the removal of medium affordance. I suspect if you added medium back but left the MapComponentTick method in place and if someone built something on a lake and that lake later unfroze, wouldn’t the structure just disappear? I like using ice for walls and sculptures but if given the option to not have the freezing effect, I’d prefer not to play with that functionality. I’m sure of most mods that users like and dislike certain aspects of it, but to give the user control to toggle said certain aspects makes using that mod more enjoyable, and giving them more control over their experience. Most Rimworld’ers can modify XML files to their liking but if what they want to change involves C#, most will just move on.
  • I think you should reconsider some of the balance for the ice material.I think it’s worth a bit too much considering what it is(more than any generic material, wood, steel, stone). I originally decided on not doing any ice sculpture trading since those sell for way to much considering how easy they are to make, but I also ended getting rid of most of the ones I was keeping to make my colonist happy since raise map wealth by too much. It’s not as big of a deal for wall but I’ll still want to replace those with steel wall on the long run.The trader is happy to buy my grand ice sculpture but how does he even carry something so heavy. Why do every equatorial cities sell ice sculpture. Do trader have portable freezers to keep the ice from melting.Also ice cutting speed scales off mining and count as mining in the work tab but it raise construction speed.
  • Hey, nice mod! Just wanted to suggest some rebalancing of the ice cooling blocks. I think their ‘fuel’ consumptions is way too high and that makes them kinda unusable. But in the past, people filled their cellars with ice blocks which lasted the entire summer. This would be great for new primitives game starts.Suggestions how to fix it: – make the fuel consumption rate dependent on the temperature in the room, size of the room and total number of cooling blocks – more cooling blocks, less ice melting – make the building cost of a cooling block higher and digging for ice harder to compensate for longer lasting blocks – my idea would be, that in a lets say 12×12 room which has two layers of cooling walls (making it effectively 8×8, when located e.g. inside a mountain, the ice would last until the end of summer.

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