Halo – Weapons [1.1]

MOD Desc
Summary Adds weapons from the Halo Universe.
Core game weapons are untouched.

Supplemental Mods Halo – Soundtrack by O Negative

Current Weapons Included UNSC
Magnum Assault Rifle Frag Grenades SMG DMR Battle Rifle Shotgun Sniper Rifle Grenade Launcher SAW Railgun Spartan Laser Rocket Launcher Heavy Machine Gun
Plasma Pistol Needler Plasma Grenades Cov. Carbine Needle Rifle Beam Rifle Plasma Rifle Plasma Repeater Energy Sword Concussion Rifle Fuel Rod Cannon Mauler Spiker Brute Shot Plasma Rifle
(Modified) Gravity
Hammer Incendiary
Boltshot Suppressor Pulse Grenades Light Rifle Scattershot Binary Rifle Incineration Cannon
FAQ Q: Is it save compatible?
A: Yes.

Q: Do they make the proper noises, or do they use RimWorld sounds?
A: They make the proper noises from the Halo games.

Q: Can I craft them?
A: You can craft the weapons in this mod once the proper research requirements have been met. No new buildings are required, and there’s no special tech tree. Just play and research as you would in the base game, and you’ll eventually unlock the ability to craft all of the weapons.

Q: Can I buy them from traders?
A: Yes.

Q: Do enemies spawn with them?
A: Yes, but the more powerful weapons are incredibly rare.

Q: Is it buggy?
A: It may have bugs from time to time, but I do my best to fix them as fast as I possibly can.
User feedback helps a lot!

Game Content Usage Rules http://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/rules

  • Oh well, this is not the discussion I expected to come back to after posting that, but cool to know that the work was done for me then.For some anecdotal evidence, I’d literally not seen a single Covenant weapon in all of my A17 playthrough (which is the version I started RW in, so about 380 hours of modded play) appear in any caravan or orbital trader. I’d found a single Boltshot in a caravan once but early when I couldn’t buy it. Then I found a Lightrifle in a map event, laying around in an ancient danger on the event’s map.Raiders who came with guns would often bring at least 1 UNSC Magnum, and either 1 Assault or Battle Rifle. Pretty much any gun-wielding raid had them, plus the ability to manufacture them meant I had them fairly often.Temper this anecdote with the fact that I run about 200+ mods. I’d say like… 30 of them, including this one, add some kind of weapon or equipment.
  • I’ve had a chance to play with a brute shot, and I think the weapon is bugged. It won’t actually fire and seems to be on a really long cooldown at all times unless melee attacking. Melee attacks do have the Cut damage type though, so that’s working even if the power of the strike is underwhelming.I’ve also aquired a Fuel Rod Gun and a UNSC Rocket Launcher. Their blast radius seems smaller then the vanella launchers, probably to balance the fact that they’re not one and done, but I noticed some strange behavior from my Fuel Rod Gun. After firing it a couple of times, I noticed it’s durability had gone way down. I’ve never left it unroofed and yet after a handful of shots, it’s fallen from 100% to about 80%. On a final note, have you considered making the UNSC Launcher a 2 round burst, since the SPINK-r Launcher from the game carries two in the magazine? I’ll keep giving feedback as I play with the weapons. I’m a massive old school halo fan and I hope the feedback helps.
  • No problem. The energy sword appears to be the most expensive, insanely so, while Boltshots and Brute Plasma Rifles never seem to appear in traders at all. I’ve bought what weapons I can and have been playing around with them. Playing with the Covenant Weapons, I’ve determined that the Plasma Rifle is insanely strong at close range. One of my pointmen dealing with an infestation had it and was decimating anything that got close. I like that it deals burns instead of gunshot damage. The Promethean Lightrifle feels underwhelming so far. It’s single shot and long cooldown make it hard to justify for anyone that’s not a great shooter, and there’s better weapons for people with high skill. I haven’t tried it yet but the information window for the Brute Shot lists it being a capable melee weapon due to it’s large blade, yet the weapon only does 1 melee damage. Are you intending to add melee damage to it, or is that just fluff?
  • – Hey, thanks for the heads up! I can start getting a patch ready for that when I get some time, now. I’m personally not a fan of adding variant of the same weapons for a few reasons:a) Redundancy; Having multiple of the same weapon is unecessary, in my opinion.b) Balance; Getting feedback on weapon performance is important, and having multiple variants of the same gun can be more confusing than you might realize from a balance perspective. Hypothetically, a weapon might get nerfed/buffed, but one variant is missed or overlooked. That can lead to a lot of confusion. c) Textures; I’m not the greatest artist, so making multiple visual variants is incredibly time consuming, and just makes me want to stop working on the mod entirely.I know, I’m full of excuses 😉 But seriously, I hope that kind of sheds some light on why I don’t really add more than I already have. Not that I don’t intend on adding things in the future.
  • The Witch – Most of the weapons in this mod have always had less range than the base-game sniper rifle. The only weapons that have ever been on-par or had greater range were: DMR, Battle Rifle, UNSC Sniper Rifle, UNSC Rocket Launcher, Cov. Carbine, Beam Rifle, Light Rifle, and the Binary Rifle. The only weapons on that list that ever outranged were the ‘snipers’ from each faction. All of those weapons are now simply on-par with the base-game sniper instead of outranging it. I have a giant google spreadsheet which details all of the stats of every weapon, but I can’t seem to post it here because Steam doesn’t like google doc links for some reason… If you’re using other weapons mods, you’re likely going to run into the issue of the modder’s bias towards their own weapons. I can’t really take other mod weapons into account when balancing these ones because there are just so many of those kinds of mods. Is that understandable? :/

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