Tech Advancing

MOD Desc
This mod advances the Tech-level of the colony once certain conditions are met. Even including rules that can be customized.
Also allows you to:

• Scale the cost of all techs
• Scale the cost of techs that are above your techlevel
• Apply a discount for techs that are below your techlevel

All those features are customizable too!

When does the Techlevel get improved?

Once one of the two Conditions(either A or B) is fulfilled:
Condition A: If you researched all projects of techlevel X and below , then the techlevel rises to X+1
Condition B: If you researched more than 50% of the projects with the techlevel Y, then the techlevel rises to Y

How to install:

Subscribe to this mod.
Rimworld should now download the mod.
Go to the Mods menu, and enable Tech-Advancing.

You can configure the whole mod by accessing the configuration-menu. You can open the menu by clicking on the config button below the research-progress-bar. Alternatively you can access it through the mod-options menu.

If you have any questions, please read the full FaQ on the forum post linked below. (You can find a small FaQ at the bottom of this description)

Version history (changelog), alternative downloads, license, and other things are located in the forum post liked below.

FaQ (the most important questions):

Q: Is this mod compatible with existing saves?
A: Yes it is.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can either look for GHXX#9078 on discord, or leave a comment here. Alternatively you could send me a PM on the ludeon forums.

Q: Does this mod work with X and Y?
A: Try it and let me know if it doesn’t. I simply cannot try every mod combination, but as far as I know there shouldn’t be any incompatibilities.


Link to the forum-post:

Link to the Tech Advancing Discord server:

Spacial thanks to Andreas Pardeike aka Brrainz for the ‘Harmony’ library

Thanks to the following users for making one or more translations for this mod:
CANALETA : Spanish (both)
Amanore : French
duduluu, BOX : Chinese (traditional and simplified)
MMAciek : Polish
Blackraven6 : Russian

(Part 1 of 2)Yeah, i tried that already, and there was a 1.1 – 1.0 version of this mod on steam for a while, but it seems that rimworld 1.1 loads translations from the root folder rather than the 1.1 folder, which means i wouldnt be able to use any new translations sadly.And on top of that it seems like rimworld did load the 1.0 dll at some point during testing (after a few RW-hotfixes were released), which breaks everything obviously.Thanks for taking your time to leave a constructive comment instead of just complaining, but there is a 1.0 version on github ( ) which anyone that wants to continue in 1.0 can grab.I am looking forward to using the system for a 1.1 – 1.2 version. But as of now, from my experience the multiversioning system is too unstable since it is a makeshift solution (because it was not intended to be used with 1.0)

I’m having an odd issue. This mod works just fine when starting a new colony, but I have an older save I’d like to use it on. The issue is that the auto-detect determined my colony was medieval. Changing the settings to set the tech level to Industrial does nothing in the game itself. I get the message that the tech level was set, but all of the industrial techs are still locked out with the tooltip saying ‘Missing’ when I hover the mouse over the lock symbol. Normally the tooltip will say what exactly is missing, like the high-tech research bench or multi-analyzer, but in this case the missing item is blank.Nothing in the in-game debug log shows up to indicate a problem. The only difference in the mod list between the save file and new colonies is this mod; the rest of the mods in the list are the same. Mods that affect research are the Vanilla Expanded collection, colony manager, android tiers, dub’s bad hygiene, research pal, and boats.

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