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MOD Desc
Whenever I play Rimworld I either make a drug farm or sell clothing made by slaves, and a while ago I thought to myself, ‘I wanna play a bit more ethically’ so I made this mod for myself.

For an overview of all the goods you can make, click here![docs.google.com]

Geckobold’s Tumblr![t3chnomancer-lich.tumblr.com]

Google Drive Download[drive.google.com]

Thank you to Proxyer for the Japanese translation!
Thank you to Tkhakiro for the Russian translation!

My Discord Server[discord.gg]

Update: 11/29/17
Still the best game I have ever played. If I could only play one game forever this would be that game.


I have been playing this game for several years now. I was one of the first backers of the project. This game is quite simply the best RTS Survival Expierence since Dwarf Fortress. This game is fun, hard, challenging, and never feels repetitive.

I rememebr a game where I was dominating and had all the best gear and tech. I started enslaving the local population and growing hops to make beer which i would sell along with any slaves i had at the time. I spent most of my money making one of my favorite charcthers a very powerful cyborg with the best weapons, power armor, bionic eyes, legs, etc… Then he got married and started having a family. After a long winter one of the younger warriors in my colony killed a giant mechanoid and saved the life of my cyborg’s wife. Later on the Cyborg found his wife sleeping with the young warrior. He killed them both. Then went on a ramage killing almost everyone in the colony before he stopped. The only ones left were a small family that lived on the very outskirts of my map. He eventually joined there family and the colony continuted on for several more years before being destroyed by a toxic cloud and pirate raid that blew a hole in an older structure that released a torrid of mechanoid troops that killed everything including the pirates.

The game tracks everything. Everything matters. Anything is possible. Try not to starve to death your first year with 30 prisoners to feed. Make tough choices to ensure the survival of your colony.

Update 1/1/2017
Still the best game I have ever played. I play it from when i wake up till I fall asleep. The new update adds the ability to walk around the world map, raid and trade. Just amazing. There is a reason why this early access game has been on the top sellers list for almost a year. I bought it before it was even on steam. Probably put over 1000 hours easily into this game. It just gets better and better.

Update 11/08/2018
Other games have come out and yet I still play this game. Its finally released and it is like a beautiful work of art. I play with over 200 mods installed no problem. If you read this far then buy the game. Don’t buy it on sale. But it at full price. Buy your friends copies and you will have friends for life. Worship this game.

Deep in the tropical rainforest, a small colony of outcasts tend to their rice fields, the ardent sun beating down upon them as they work when suddenly a cry rings out of the brush, they are under attack. The meek villagers run for their homes and hope that the gang of brigands approaching will go away, but 1 man stands tall, a champion of the defenceless steps forth unto the brush racking his shotgun as he does so.
‘Come get me you sons of muffalos!’ he shouts aloud.

He continues forth to meet the savages head on, one jumps out from trees on his right. The man turns toward the charging savage and fires his 12ga directly into his chest, dropping him dead instantly. With no refuge, a second appears from a bush and begins to draw his bow, racking his shotgun for a second time the man proceeds to walk resolutely toward the savage who has begun to loose arrows at him.
‘See you in damnation barbarian,’ he mutters before firing again.

As the man watches the second drown in his own blood a whistle through the air pierces his ears before a roaring boom. A wry smile appears upon the man’s face as he begins to charge a new foe. A foe with a grenade launcher. Explosions begin to ring out almost constantly combined with trees and splintered shrapnel flying through the jungle.
The man’s heart beating ever harder as he races to close the distance on the third individual.
He racks the third shell of his shotgun as he draws closer brushing aside fauna and shrapnel alike.
‘Three shells, three kills,’ The man comments to himself before firing.

In the split second he took to fire, the individual had fired back and, a grenade was whistling through the air. The man’s shotgun blast landed on target and the foe-man began to collapse but before he could watch him hit the ground a loud explosion ripped violently next to him tearing his leg off and sending shrapnel into his entire left side.

When the man later woke he found himself in the village, they had prevented him from bleeding out and, had fitted him with a peg leg. He reached over to the bedside and simply lit a smokeleaf joint. The same man would later go on to lose his other leg to a Thrumbo attack, though not without plunging a sword into its neck and winning the overall fight of course.
Before his second artificial limb could be fitted he discharged himself from the medical tent and, aided the villagers in fighting an approaching wildfire.

We honour his valour and all that he has done for our colony.
His name was Zeiph.

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