[XND] Forbiddable Debris

MOD Desc
Direct download from GitHub[github.com] (source[github.com])

Compatibility Should be safely addable to existing savegames. There may be issues removing this from existing savegames if there are forbidden debris chunks around, but this has been untested.

There shouldn’t be any mod conflicts.

If you find any bugs, please link me to a full output log and give some basic information on how you triggered the bug; this is vital information for me to be able to fix said bugs.

Overview Forbiddable Debris is a relatively simple mod that allows you to forbid stone chunks and steel slag chunks.

This’ll be useful for if you have a defense setup that happens to use either slag chunks or stone chunks, but your smelters/stonecutters keep converting the debris into raw resources. While the mentioned case is circumventable via stockpile and bill ingredient radius micromanagement, that can get painful in certain cases, so that’s where this mod steps in as a Quality of Life improvement.

Disclaimer: With this mod active, debris chunks will look different. This is because with the default draw mode that debris chunks use, the forbidden cross won’t be shown which’d make it tedious to distinguish forbidden chunks from unforbidden chunks; this mod makes it so that debris chunks are drawn like your standard items.

Credits Marnador for the RimWorld-style font.

License You may use this mod in your mod packs, and you may also derive from the mod. All that I ask is that you please let me know, and give me credit and provide a link to this forum post.

A friend of mine went on and on about this game and to be honest, I figured he was kinda making some of the things he said up. Like, literally – he’d describe some situations his colony got in and how the settlers dealt with it and I thought, ‘Well, that’s nice but this is some weird sixteen bit head floating on a tee shirt shooting at another head on a tee shirt I guess you just dropped some acid and decided to invent some weird backstory between these two people about how they made an ongoing friendship and eventually one was captured and joined the colony where they were the best of friends until a love triangle split them up and they ended up hospitalizing each other in a social fight and one died and the other lived on but eventually died of depression.’

Turns out no, that was not acid induced. That’s just how things come together in this game. A lot.

And that’s not even mentioning the complexity of how the actual settlement mechanics work.

My sister bought me this game and now I’m all angry that I lost days of my life. But that’s fine, this game has some incidental storytelling that outdoes releases from 2018 that intentionally attempt to try and get you emotionally involved, like Far Cry and other rpgs.

11/10, would make kibble out of a bandit and feed it to the dog whose owner said bandit killed again.

Poor Vincent. She lost her ability to walk and interact with objects on her own and ended up laying locked up in a shoddy wooden bed while the rest of the colony slowly descended into madness. Bob finally had enough of the chilly weather and lack of proper food, slowly turning crazy until he started self harming all over the base… leaving trails of blood in the dark, dirty halls of my failed colony.

There was however one person who fought to keep his wife Vincent alive. Taz did his best when attempting to harvest a few berries in the middle of a ruthless winter, though after being bit by a rabid alpha beaver he just barely made it back to his bed before dying in the hallway next to Vincent’s room. Now coming to his senses, Bob started force feeding Vincent the corpse of her husband Taz, she started puking repeatedly from food poisoning and unable to go anywhere she eventually died in her own vomit soaked bed.

Bob was the last man standing, 3 dead colonists (Dunny wasn’t worth mentioning, she died like 15 minutes into the game) and a severe lack of food… Well, he fed off the corpse of Vincent and Taz long enough to die from a giant spider that escaped from an ancient building.

I seriously snoozed off trying to learn this game, then I said screw it and skipped the tutorial and all of this happened… Now I am hooked.

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